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  1. iamchangingthissoon

    So, just wondering...

    I don't mean to be a busybody but i wonder if people normally use release filtering to filter away genres
  2. iamchangingthissoon

    Don't mind me, here for the artist role.

    Also this is sort of an advert but not really... just ignore it
  3. iamchangingthissoon

    Resolved slight problems with ' Display votes publicly' on a poll

    i have tried refreshing but i can't seem to find it for one of my chapters, thanks
  4. iamchangingthissoon

    new or trending?

    would you rather look at the trending web novels or latest series tab?
  5. iamchangingthissoon

    asking about cat girls part 2

    would you allow cat girl to sleep on you? And if so, would you take advantage of this situation? (apparently pregnant cats can have from 12 to 15 lives)