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    Verbal bias?

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    Snacks when reading

    I'm doing fine with some kind of gruel by my side. Lentils usually.
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    How many times do you brush your teeth in a day?

    @BenJepheneT I assume this to be a weird joke. I brush my teeth once every three days or so. I do it so they'd look whiter and to fight smell. No other reason, really. I don't believe in the importance of brushing teeth. Never had any problem with my teeth. My grandma who almost never brushed...
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    How many words you write in a day?

    @AliceShiki Didn't realise that SH is such a highly competitive environment. I also find it hard to imagine how writing 2k words a day can be fun. But I'd like to put that number into perspective. Just so to be clear. 2k a day means that you will write the entirety of original Middle-earth...
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    How many words you write in a day?

    That's why I don't feel comfortable mingling in. The numbers you guys sit at are absolutely ridiculous. Over 300k a year. Jeez, that's like several regular novels every single year. Even accomplished authors rarely reach that. Well, guess, even that is but a joke to the supreme deities like...
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    Did you believe in Santa as a kid

    Jeez, that's a large generation gap I just felt. It was the early 90s when I was 7, so no one even had a clue how to use the internet. Nor was there any point to it, really. As even yandex wasn't around. Much less google. Suppose, Santa is outdated in these modern times. Well, personally I...
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    Did you believe in Santa as a kid

    Thai child adventure that shall cost one their thingie is what it sounds like. But making Santa a villainous figure is original for sure.
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    Did you believe in Santa as a kid

    Uh, when you are 5yo or someth, and parents along with other adults explain that Santa thing, it's kinda hard not to believe, no? Like what did you believe then? All we learn comes from parents at the start. A kindergartener with a critical outlook on life, wtf :o Schopenhauer claimed that it...
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    How many words you write in a day?

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    Having a hard time...

    I noticed that there are days when I look at the text and grow repulsed by the sheer incompetence and meaningless of my vain efforts. And then there are days when I look again but marvel at its glorious ingenuity instead. Taking a break, hopeful of catching a spark helps.
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    I must admit that your status arrests my attention every time. As I'm writing about a...

    I must admit that your status arrests my attention every time. As I'm writing about a 17th-century vampire. Damn, I should start fighting this weird desire to check your profile out every time. Feel like a stalker xD
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    Preferred reading?

    Heavy ofc. I want to feel invested. Need drama, conflict. I generally expect a comic to be a light read, not a book.
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    What rating do you consider low?

    Normally, anything below 3/5 is low. But that clearly doesn't apply here. Since everyone rates 5/5. I don't want to be an ass/stand out. So, I resolved it quite easily. I never rate anything, period. I just write my opinion in the comments instead. And that's more valuable, imho. When I do rate...
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    Movies in Alphabetical Order

    Life During Wartime (2009)
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    Movies in Alphabetical Order

    Johan (1921)
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    Movies in Alphabetical Order

    Creep (2014)
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    The anime that made me quit anime.

    What's the point of quitting a certain type of art, though? There are only so few forms of entertainment you can escape reality with, after all. Or enlighten yourself for the matter. I had watched Monster in ongoing since ep1. So it was a large part of my life too. One of my favs as well. Placed...
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    Do you work out?

    I'm a seasoned athlete. So, working out is what I do. My sports are powerlifting, running and crossfit. I benched 145kg, ran 100km in 12h:50m, 5K in 20:25, done 1k burpees, 1k squats in 50min, got a 7:09 plank, etc.
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    First 5 chapters feedback exchange

    Truthfully, gaining 500readers with 12k words is an achievement so staggering that I find it impossible to provide any critique.