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  1. iamchangingthissoon

    New Features: Reading List Alerts, User Stats and More

    Hooray, i can finally tell how many chapters i missed out on
  2. iamchangingthissoon

    How do you decide a name of a Chapter?

    Basically it's a short summary for me
  3. iamchangingthissoon

    Ice Cream Toppings and Combinations of Flavors

    salted peanuts if not maybe yuzu as a topping... more ice cream but honestly maybe lemon flavoured icecream with a side of cookies if we account cost
  4. iamchangingthissoon

    What is the Easiest thing to Write for You?

    Writing spam for editor sama to sort through
  5. iamchangingthissoon

    Making a game on SH.

    Dnd is short for dungeons and dragons, a table top role-playing game that relies on dice
  6. iamchangingthissoon

    Making a game on SH.

    Sounds like dnd but it's solo and the dm doesn't describe anything in detail
  7. iamchangingthissoon

    Best sweets and desserts.

    Chocolate, it tastes good to all who feel sad and doesn’t taste good to those who aren't sad from what i hear. Currently they taste like heaven
  8. iamchangingthissoon

    So, just wondering...

    I don't mean to be a busybody but i wonder if people normally use release filtering to filter away genres
  9. iamchangingthissoon

    Looking For (free) Ghostwriter [CLOSED]

    Get your friends to do it, literally, safe, free and more fun. My best friend since elementary school is my editor because editor sama thought that with my habit of writing like a drunk person would do me no good
  10. iamchangingthissoon


    Money but living things are sold
  11. iamchangingthissoon

    If You Could Be Any Kind Of Bagel, What Would You Be?

    I would be stale so no one considers eating me first
  12. iamchangingthissoon

    You get reincarnated into... a completely normal tournament?

    if it is just a tournament, I'm grabbing a bucket and I'll throw throwing sand in people's eyes to win it.... if that joke doesn't work I'll choose whatever flashy thing i can get my hands on to entertain myself, especially the power to create any type of explosion. (For entertainment purposes)
  13. iamchangingthissoon

    What If Our Universe Is an Atom?

    If it is an atom, what would the things we call atoms be?
  14. iamchangingthissoon

    In what world would you like to reincarnate?

    Medieval sounds best, as long as the difficulty isn't hard and there aren’t tight restrictions, all i need is flashy magic spells it doesn't have to be good, but flashy like throwing rubidium into water
  15. iamchangingthissoon

    Write a monologue

    "it was 20 years ago," a man rested against a slab of concrete pouring his heart out "i met this girl, she was selling flowers by my house" he covered his eyes with his hand. "oh Mari," he muttered to himself. "this girl, she was a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend," a smile cracked on...
  16. iamchangingthissoon

    Pixel Software for Windows/Mac/wine/linux

    i have a feeling that i am too late for this
  17. iamchangingthissoon

    What makes a bad novel?

    The amount of times the author goes on a random hiatus without saying anything, or having a awful release schedule (like me because I don't have any) (well not really because I don't meet the 20k mark but still)
  18. iamchangingthissoon

    (Poll) Coffee vs Tea

    It is easier to sweeten tea than coffee, thus I prefer tea because I have a Sweet tooth
  19. iamchangingthissoon

    Crying or laughing while writing?

    Normally I would be likely tossing and turning about how it feels like there is something Missing whenever I try writing a chapter, and as my novel shows, progress is slim especially during moments where I want people to feel something
  20. iamchangingthissoon

    Can Someone Slap Me?

    I don't know what's going on but people seem to be Angry, so it's probably best to stop reposting