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  1. GDLiZy

    Writing A Guide to Unpublish Your Work and Move on

    You've been through a lot of (very little) ups and downs, through the dark days where nothing works and through the bright nights where creativity overflows. You have spent countless, for you have long ago lost count, of how many hours, how many happiness, how many rests, you have forsaken to do...
  2. GDLiZy

    Appeal Subforum

    Now that we got more mods, there bound to be some disagreement for what should be the edge cases. I propose this Appeal Subforum for where the warned can have their cases reviewed if they feel like they were mistreated. Because at first there only exists Tony, this suggestion isn't necessary...
  3. GDLiZy

    Who Should Be THE MOD(s)?

    Though we know it's the tyranny that runs this place and this thread will have no impact on the actual appointment of the dictator assistant, I need those sweet like numbers. In an impossible world where Tony tells you that he likes your yaoi Tony fanfic and wants you to appoint the mods for...
  4. GDLiZy

    It's This Time of the Year Again . . . .

    Good luck gentleman, gentlelady, or gentlewhateveryouare. :blob_salute:
  5. GDLiZy

    Secret to Trending Through Observation of Some Novels

    After my observation of the past few weeks, I've concluded that there is a definite way to gain a massive amount of readers and success, hugely increasing the chance to go on trending. Here are the three which I've selected to illustrate my point. The first novel has 900 readers. The second...
  6. GDLiZy

    The Anti-Reader: Worst Possible Combination of Tags and Genres

    Everyone has been saying that the audience favours certain genres and tags more than others, and people are encouraged to write what the audience wants if they want some guarantee chance of success. This thread, however, isn't like that. We are the rebel, so we'll do things differently. I ask...
  7. GDLiZy

    Meme that baits

    I’m not the creator btw. Find the sauce yourself.
  8. GDLiZy

    Popular Fact

    I hereby expose the secret we all search for or don't know we are searching for, and so it retroactively becomes popular and accepted as fact, making the thread name a self-fulfilling prophecy. Though I must warn you, by proceeding further I guarantee not your safety, your kids, your wife, your...
  9. GDLiZy

    Advance Review

    The review system needs a rework to incentivize readers to create a review for their favourite stories. The way it is now is not optimal. There is no guide to tell you where it is, and its location is obscure, having to change from Table of the Content page to Review page. The review UI is...
  10. GDLiZy

    Hidden Chapters/Pages AND announcement post for Authors

    More of a gimmick than an actual good request. I would like the ability to publish "unlisted" chapters. Maybe the ability to send a draft for others to view before publishing. I know that you can just copy-paste stuff into the doc and sent it, but more option for the in-site function, the...
  11. GDLiZy

    Novel Title or: How I Learned to Stop Reading Synopsis and Guess the Genres

    You probably guess that this thread will not take itself seriously, but WRONG. BAM! expectation subverted! If you get the reference, then you'll know that this is also a satire, so expectation actually did not get subverted. Double twists! Anyway, as a reader, I've gained a (useless) ability...
  12. GDLiZy

    Why are some parts of Scribble Hub not secured?

    You know, I'm talking about the Connection is Secure at the top-left of Chrome. The Forum main page is strangely the one that isn't secure, while others are secure. Why is that?
  13. GDLiZy

    What is your Writing Obsession?

    Like ashes, like dust, my mind drifted across the wind of imagination. Into the wonderland of creativity, I traversed the depth of Cliff Hanger, the vast void of Hiatus, and the mysterious land of Foreshadowing. Anyway, that's an example of my 'obsession'. I love to write in prose and...
  14. GDLiZy

    Writing Prompt A Letter to you, your own counterpart in another world

    Through the act of ROB, you stumbled into this weird, tranquil room that had an exquisite table in it; on the table laid a quill and a pale, soft paper. The black ink that magically won't stain you and the knowledge of how to use quill somehow ingrained itself into your mind— The room was a...
  15. GDLiZy

    Writing Prompt Spin the Generic Isekai Story with your personal Style

    And so the protagonist *insert name here* died tragically to a car crash, specifically because he was trying to save someone from a speeding truck. The Goddess of *insert something here* pitied the protagonist and so decided to have him reincarnated into another seemingly generic isekai world...
  16. GDLiZy

    Do you like to use brain when reading?

    For me, I'm down for complexity and in-depth explanation for world-building and grand schemes. It's a kind of a ride that left you exhausted once you finished it, but also imprinted your mind with an unforgettable mark that would stick in your mind long after the story ended. I knew that my...
  17. GDLiZy

    What are The Forbidden Topics And How To Tread Along The Line Without Actually Crossing Them?

    Necrophilia, Bestiality, Suicide, Racism, Sexism, Racial Supremecy, Depression, Gore... Basically, I wished to know which is allowed and to what extent? I wished to write short stories filled with suffering and a lot of darker topics, and how should I go with it without actually getting...
  18. GDLiZy

    Need Help with Synopsis

    Like any cynical and self-critical author, I came back to my old creation and found them to be absolutely disgusting not up to my standard. So, I decided to slowly rework everything up by slowly editing the old chapters into comprehensible literature until I hit the point where I found it...
  19. GDLiZy

    So, how do you end up as an artist?

    And once again, Liz has claimed another first of the thread! Anyway, how do you end up as an artist? Is it your fascination with nature? Or because doing commissions for other is fun? Also, share your arts!
  20. GDLiZy

    Alerts and Avatars

    The alert didn't show up in main Scribble Hun Page, as well as the in sync between the forum account and the main page. ( Even if you have an avatar in the main page, you would have to manually add it yourself in the forum page. ) *Didn't want to make another thread but I think the tags for...