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  1. yansusustories

    Resolved Non-Published Related Series

    If you create a series (1) on your dashboard but don't publish it yet (so it's a draft that only you should be able to see while it should be hidden to others) and then add in a relationship with another already published story (2) on the 'Misc' tab, then story (1) will already be listed under...
  2. yansusustories

    Anyone knows German?

    I wasn't really sure which forum to put this in but I could use some help from somebody who knows German. It's like this: I'm trying to translate some of my stories. While the modern ones and pseudo-historical ones aren't that much of a problem, I'm really struggling to even get started with the...
  3. yansusustories

    What would be more off-putting in a synopsis/blurb for you?

    So I wasn't quite sure how to put this in a short way in the title or which part of the forums to even post this in but I'd like some responses from readers and not just authors so here we go ... I am posting a collection of bl short stories that has the titles of said stories worked into the...
  4. yansusustories

    Social Media on SH profile (main site)

    Because of another thread, I was just reminded of the fact that on the main page of Scribble Hub we are able to link to our website/homepage from our profiles. There are also social media buttons to share the profile of a member. But what we don't have is a dedicated slot for showcasing our own...
  5. yansusustories

    Unread in notification list

    When opening the notification list on the main site (where comments and replies are shown) they are first displayed with a differently-colored background. As soon as you click on one of them, all of the notifications will turn the same color though. This is inconvenient if you have a bunch of...
  6. yansusustories

    Resolved No automatic refreshing of notifications anymore?

    Since a few days ago, the notifications for new messages or comments with the small red symbol would pop up automatically even when I was using another tab and didn't have ScribbleHub open directly. Now, I need to go back to SH and refresh the page manually to see whether there are any new...
  7. yansusustories

    Add new tags to choose from

    This thread just made me take a look at the tags and I feel like there are a few that might be nice to add: Currently, there is a 'bisexual protagonist' and 'pansexual protagonist' tag but we do not have one for 'asexual protagonist'. So, my suggestion is to add that one. In case anyone is...
  8. yansusustories

    Implemented Notification of review process when uploading story

    I'm not actually sure if this is already implemented somewhere but I regularly see people asking here on the forum why their stories don't turn up after posting them. Maybe it would be an idea to implement some notification (or a more prominent notification if there already is one in place)...
  9. yansusustories

    Implemented Indication of Completed Stories

    I'd like to suggest having that red "Completed" button displayed on SH just like (or similar to how it is) on NU. Right now, whether a story is completed or not is only indicated on the story's main page but it would be nice if it was displayed in the search results too. Of course, we can sort...
  10. yansusustories

    Implemented Related Series

    I'd like to suggest being able to set up a relation between projects like one novel being marked as the prequel or sequel of another novel and vice versa or marking it as having a shared universe. Basically, I'd love for there to be something like the 'Related Series' info on NU.