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  1. Blackout

    Humiliating the Main Character for a character Growth

    This is rather common (at least from what I see) in Action Harem like High School DxD and Absolute Duo. The MC will say some cringey line like "I will protect XXX!" in a real shonen series protagonist fashion, only to have their ass kicked by the antagonist. And the worst part is, the reason...
  2. Blackout

    Is explaining too much a bad thing?

    Sometimes, I feel the need to explain some things about a character I wrote since I'm scared that my reader will misundertand him/her if I didn't do it. However, I'm also scared that some readers might think that I'm dragging things out by telling them something they already know. I was first...
  3. Blackout

    Any Kamen Riders fan here?

    I've just done binge watching all the series from the Heisei and Reiwa series (except Saber). Here's my personal top three and worst three: Best 3: 1. Build 2. Gaim 3. Drive Worrst 3: 1. Kabuto 2. Den-O 3. Wizard
  4. Blackout

    Looking for a manga title I've forgotten.

    I've suddenly remembered about a manga that I haven't catch up in ages, but I've forgotten its title. Here's its plot: The Mc's mum (who's a really famous principal and educator) has passed away from a disease. Before she kicked the bucket, she made sure that the MC won't be lonely, so she...
  5. Blackout

    Smuts in harem series

    Do you guys usually read harem series in the hope that you'll get to read some adult actions, even though it's not the main focus?
  6. Blackout

    The curious and forbidden topic of hand-holding

    Now put down those torches and pitchforks and listen to me. How did the phenomenon of holding hands being lewd started? I've been reading on in amusement every time it was brought up but now I'm genuinely curious. Can someone enlighten me?
  7. Blackout

    people who won't shut up about the people/stuff they hate

    Recently, I have a reader (if I can even call him that) who kept on posting negative comments on one of the novels that I write. One of the more recent comments that he wrote goes somewhere along the line of "will this be the novel everyone hates? guess we'll find out". I've stopped reading his...
  8. Blackout

    What type of girls do you usually go for in a galge and dating sims ( for all ages)?

    Here's my list: 1. bright, cheerful types 2. kuudere gluttons 3. sharp-tongued senpai P. S. When it comes to adult games, I always play those with big breasted girls
  9. Blackout

    tired of the Western movie makers insulting our sacred Animes, Mangas and Games

    I read from somewhere (it was so brief I don't remember where) that they're going to be making a Western version of Hellsing. My first reaction is: seriously? Just how much of our bibles do you idiots want to taint? You've already tainted Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, Monster Hunter, and it's...
  10. Blackout

    A better plot for the Monster Hunter Movie (in my opinion)

    So I was watching a Monster Hunter Movie Review by a Youtuber that I subscribed to. The movie's basically a western Isekai. As a veteran hunter who played majority of the MH games (right from the first one in PS2), I was deeply disappointed by the movie. I didn't watch the movie, and after...
  11. Blackout

    Why I don't really talk to my parents

    So I promised my parents that I'll be helping around the house a few days ago. Just now, my mum wanted me to help, but I grumbled that I can't since I was busy with my college project. Granted, I could have said it politely, but I was so frustrated with the amount of work I had to do my manners...
  12. Blackout

    #25 in trending

    So I was just looking through the trending list for fun, and I realized that one of the novel I'm writing is the 25th most hyped novel. I don't know how did it happened, but thank you all
  13. Blackout

    cliché love tropes

    you guys know any overused romance used hundreds of times? Like childhood friends, stalkers, etc?
  14. Blackout

    Random birthday thought

    So, today's my birthday, and without any warning I had a philosophical thought about losing some of the passions I had while growing up. I had played the triangle instrument three times before I became an adult. Once during my time at the daycare in Japan, once after I was at the kindergarten...
  15. Blackout

    one of the worst teacher I ever had

    So this just popped into my mind just now very randomly, so I had the need to talk about it. When I was 11, we had a test during a Mandarin language class. This test involves memorizing an entire essay and puking it out during the test itself. Before the test begins, my Mandarin teacher, who's...
  16. Blackout

    regarding cultural festivals in animes and mangas

    So I was writing about cultural festival in one of my series. The MC's class is doing a Japanese cafe that serves Japanese sweets. And then it hit me. How did those characters in animes and mangas who set up eateries in their classrooms wash their cutleries and cups? And no, they didn't use...
  17. Blackout

    Readers who declare that they're dropping the series they're reading

    An author here. Dear readers, if you want to drop our series, please do so quietly and don't drop a comment just to tell the whole world that you're doing it. I've got used to it at some point but you might crush the spirit of some newbies. Please and thank you
  18. Blackout

    chapter status: c0

    just curious, the c0 you see when someone posts a review on your novel means that he/she didn't read your novel at all right? Cause if it is, i'll be very pissed since that person gave one of mine a 2 out of 5
  19. Blackout

    a manga series that i don't remember the name

    hey there everyone. I've sddenly remembered a manga series that I didn't read in a long time. it was so long I don't even remember its title. All I remember is the general synopsis: The MC wants to become an author that write romance novels. For that, he took up literature course at his...
  20. Blackout

    the normal fee for a cover art

    hey guys, an author here. Just wondering, how much would you normally charge for a cover art?