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  1. Ace_Arriande

    Survey Questions

    It's been a while since I've surveyed my readers and I've been meaning to. What questions do you, as authors, want answered? I already plan on asking people about whether they care more about average rating or reviews, whether they like the trending systems or not, blah blah other generic stuff...
  2. Ace_Arriande

    Opinion that is Unpopular

    To continue the trend of unpopular opinion posting because I think it's funny and want to contribute to the shitposting but while actually keeping things relevant to the forum: what is an unpopular reader-related opinion that you have? For example: What is an unpopular trope that you love? What...
  3. Ace_Arriande

    Disallow re-reviewing when reviewers break rules.

    Let's say a reviewer edits their review after approval (they get checked first, right? I forget) to be something rule-breaking or dishonest. Or something slips past that shouldn't be allowed. Or if it's easy to prove that the reviewer is straight-up lying about the content of the story. Or any...
  4. Ace_Arriande

    Fun New Idea: Watermarking Chapters

    Feel free to steal this and replace the information/email with stuff relevant to you. Anyways, since it was recently brought to my attention that one of my less popular series is currently on at least five different websites that I didn't even know existed (with hundreds of thousands of views)...
  5. Ace_Arriande

    Trending & Other Front Page Lists

    Alright, so after catching up on some of the recent conversations regarding trending, I figured I’d try to give an actual suggestion myself. But first, let me make this clear: I am biased. I am going to try my best to be as objective as possible here, but it is very obvious that I am biased and...
  6. Ace_Arriande

    Ace's Many Suggestions

    I would love to see this site succeed in the long-term, so here are my suggestions to try and cover all areas. Since the site is going to mainly have readers if it’s successful, I’ll start with that. Reader Suggestions Better branching of comments rather than all comments being tied to a...