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    Looking for Artist Looking for an artist to draw an anime style cover for my novel

    I can pay pretty well. PM me if you're interested.
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    Please add a feature where we can read the entire story in a single page

    Like AO3's Entire Work option.
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    Omniscient Third Person POV vs Limited Third Person POV

    How do you use each of them well? Can you mix them up intentionally? And how about not mixing them up accidentally? I just read a story that seemingly switches around between the two. Most of it are the MC's POV but the author would switch to his opponent's POV to display just how amazing the...
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    For female readers who read harem stories, why?

    I'm just curious. That genre often objectivities women after all.
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    Anyone else gets discouraged by your average views per chapter dropping?

    Kinda bums me out from releasing new chapters tbh.
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    Writing Designing Your Cover

    I kinda want to commission a cover for my story but I don't have any idea how it should look. Anyone got any advice in the matter?
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    If a bad review gets to be the most upvoted one, will you consider abandoning/restarting the story?

    I mean, it can't be good for newcomers to see it on the top of the list whenever they want to know whether your story is good or not.
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    Resolved Broken story page after new review

    Reincarnation of a Worthless Man | Scribble Hub A new review just came in and it messed up the layout of the page.
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    To MxF harem writers, what type of girls do you have in your harem?

    And how do you come up with them? Their personality, background, etc? Any specific inspirations?
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    I just realized the importance of similar series / recommendations

    From Webnovel of all places. My story will only appear on the front page for several minutes every time I update (on the recently updated list all the way to the bottom). So when I haven't updated for more than a week, I was confused where this new guy who comments on a bunch of my chapters...
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    Writing Descriptive Tags After Dialogue With First Person POV

    This has been bugging me for a while. It's about whether or not I'm using too much descriptive words/sentences after the MC says something. So, something like this for example, context being the MC asking a girl to dance in a ballroom. "I thought you might want a dance," I said with a smirk...
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    Hotlinking in Glossary

    Like Wikipedia, I want to be able to have links in an entry that will take the readers to another entry.
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    Recent Readers Question

    Does that include all readers or does it only include people who have added your story on their Reading List?
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    What rating do you consider low?

    Below 4.5? 4? 3? And does it deter you from checking the story out?
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    How do you deal with a declining viewcount trend on your story?

    Change the story's direction rapidly? Give a better synopsis and cover page? Or just halt writing until you can figure out the problem?
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    Have you ever deleted your own story?

    And why did you do it?
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    How do you decide if your story is a success or a failure?

    Viewcount? Reviews? Patreon money? Actually getting published?
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    Wish we could see the pageview graph further than just 30 days

    Just so you can see the growth of your story from when it started.
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    Writing Short flashback of a different character in a 1st person POV

    How do you write it? By short, I mean the character musing on a short dialogue they had in the past with another person in their mind. But they don't tell the MC about it. And neither will the other person be identified. It's just a couple lines long. I don't want to switch the first person to...
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    Recommendations Isekai that focuses on economy management?

    By that, I mean shit like banking, merchants, etc.