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  1. ZesshiLavi

    Author looking for feedback

    Should be on Author General.
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    Do you like or dislike it when...

    No have friend.
  3. ZesshiLavi

    Eye catching title..

    The silent echo.
  4. ZesshiLavi

    Banned off Royal Road

    Well, you probably got targetted by some Christian mom that happens to use RR, bad luck.
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    Looking For (free) Ghostwriter [CLOSED]

    So you mention you are looking for a free editor, but from what I read it appear you seem to be looking for a free ghostwriter instead? Or am I wrong? I don't know, the way you phrase it feels like you are going to be the one that pitches in the plot, idea, and character while the ghost writer...
  6. ZesshiLavi

    Banned off Royal Road

    Ah, then Yay!
  7. ZesshiLavi

    Do you update your chapters very often?

    Nope haha, I write a lot when I have nothing to do, but I don't write at all when something distracts me like a really good anime/manga or game.
  8. ZesshiLavi

    How often do you use or see the word "geezer"?

    Never, geezer prob just appears in anime mostly, for me anyway. I have the same opinion as Koyuki up there.
  9. ZesshiLavi

    Banned off Royal Road

    Yay or Idk, I would congratulate you if you have just made a final post on RR about leaving, Idk how to feel about intentionally getting banned tho. Maybe still yay? Hmm... For now, Yay!
  10. ZesshiLavi

    Eating a cupcake

    Swallow the cupcake whole then forgot about it, proceed to start a fight with my brother and blame him for eating my cupcake, a few hours later I suddenly remember I ate the cupcake. Decide not to apologize because it's stupid.
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    Choose your OP weapon

    Give a man a banana and he will never starve. Give a man a hat and he gets to tip his hat to the lady. Give a man a brick and people's heads will start to crack. Give a man a leaf and he gets to cover up his dingdong. Guess I will get a brick then, at CQC I can smash my enemy's head with the...
  12. ZesshiLavi

    The Second Tempest Contest

    Interesting, I am joining this one, guess I won't be gaming for a while.
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    If your novel was selected to become an anime, what song would you use as an opening/ending?

    Well, I skimmed through it now, I really tried but it's like 3:41 am now and if I read anymore I would fall asleep and waste 4 hours of time. The idea of the cigarettes pilling up as each arks progress seems like a really great idea to show the viewer of the time progression. I guess that's the...
  14. ZesshiLavi

    If your novel was selected to become an anime, what song would you use as an opening/ending?

    I just scroll through that, didn't read any as I assume it's really great stuff. Anyway, great thought, I think.
  15. ZesshiLavi

    Writing How to Orc?

    Smart orc could pretty cool as well I guess, I won't mind reading a story about an orc that's a tad unusual in its den which allows it to slowly overthrow the king and start conquering other races using its wisdom.
  16. ZesshiLavi

    NTR is not for kids

    Amazing observation.
  17. ZesshiLavi

    I've ran out of anime and I'm experiencing withdraw

    Law of Ueki. Coppelion. Jormungand.