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  1. gaylolis

    What is the best way to write a bad novel?

    Sometimes I just feel that writing a good story is too hard and stressful for me. I just want to be lazy and casual when I write. For me, writing a bad novel is enough if it's enjoyable. I'm just merely doing it as a side to pass the time, after all. Any best ways on how to write an enjoyable...
  2. gaylolis

    Alien Fairy Tales

    If Aliens had their own version of fairy tales, how'd it turn out like? For example: will Cinderella be known for eating shoes instead of wearing them? Will Pinocchio's anal probe expands instead of his nose when he lied? Will the three little alien pigs vaporize the wolf with the giant death...
  3. gaylolis

    Smut with extensive game elements in their sex scenes

    So I'm kinda curious. Is there a smut in which you can apply RPG mechanics to spice up the sex? I feel just reading the sex scenes alone is boring, perhaps something that involves leveling up the techniques and mastering a certain sex build can be a good alternative. It's kinda something like...
  4. gaylolis

    Naruto's Full Name

    I'm just curious about the result.
  5. gaylolis

    What is the most retarded character you can write?

    I'm kinda bored of everyone trying to make their MC's mega super ultra genius. After a while, I feel my preference is more of their entertaining factor, regardless of their intelligence. Among them, there are some bizarrely retarded characters whose actions seem borderline genius to me, I...
  6. gaylolis

    Which toilet gives you the best inspiration for writing?

    I heard that people often gets inspiration when sitting in the toilet. Is there any specific toilets where you feel more inspired than ever? If you want, you can also specify the dream, inspirational toilet for our research purposes.
  7. gaylolis

    Gayest Straight Couple in Fiction?

    I'm just wondering, is there any straight couples (m/f) in fiction that radiates so much gay energy? i had that feeling when i read this and it feels so gay especially when they started to do handholding <3 i knew...
  8. gaylolis

    Create your Favorite Writing Contest

    Just imagine that you're on a writing site and the admin allows you to create a writing contest. The themes and even the rewards. It's also recommended to be extremely biased in your judging criteria. The entrants doesn't always have to be free for all. You could even limit them to just a few...
  9. gaylolis

    The Correlation Between Anime Character Room's Feng Shui and their Fate in the Story?

    I'm just really curious if someone actually made in-depth Feng Shui analysis of anime character's rooms, especially the main character. Personally, I only understand about the placement of windows, bed, and the door. Everything else that include the elements just flew over my head. A good one...
  10. gaylolis

    Who is the most unrealistic character in real life?

    When it comes to realism, I originally expect everything to make sense logically. Although in real life itself (some through reddit posts), I found a lot of absurd people like the Kevin story. I'm not sure if people like that actually exist at all. Who do you think has the most unrealistic...
  11. gaylolis

    How do you register on this site? EDIT: be sure to turn your adblocker, it has so many porn ads when I viewed it on mobile I wanted to register since it has the the most chapters of my favorite novels that are blocked by faloo, I already had my dummy email to use in case the Chinese wanted to steal my...
  12. gaylolis

    What will happen if humans lay eggs instead of giving birth?

    I had this thought in my mind for quite a while. It went like this: as long they're still fertile, girls would pop up unfertilized eggs from time to time. I feel that the world hunger would be eased a bit, especially since we could also eat our own eggs. After copulation, their eggs would be...
  13. gaylolis

    What is the most surreal comment you've ever received?

    When I read some works, I noticed several strange comments and I sometimes second guess if we're still living in the same world. Feel free to share the most surreal comment you ever get.
  14. gaylolis

    The Strongest Meme

    Let's say you got Isekai'd and you have given a chance to weaponize a Meme for your use. Which Meme do you think will be the strongest one? Which Meme will you pick in the end, regardless?
  15. gaylolis

    What is the Easiest thing to Write for You?

    Many Authors has things they find difficulties writing, but what about the piece of cake ones? I'm curious about the stuff you guys find natural writing, maybe almost without effort at all.
  16. gaylolis

    Lowest Possible Realism

    So I heard of people who wanted to integrate as much realism as they could. ...but what about trying to write with the lowest possible realism? I'm interested in what you folks come up with :D
  17. gaylolis

    Sketch dump

    I don't really understand how to draw, so I mostly just pick the reference pic and try to find the easiest way to draw it. the first one's suzuran from arknights. first time trying to draw and post stuff after a long while.
  18. gaylolis

    What is your favorite way to laze around?

    Sometimes people need to unwind for a bit after a hard day's work or they just don't want to do anything. What's your favorite way to be lazy?
  19. gaylolis

    Watching paint dry

    Your character watches a paint dry. Feel free to describe them doing so.
  20. gaylolis

    Weirdest religions in fiction?

    I saw stuff like Bokononism and Jashinism, but what kind of fictional religions you find especially weird?