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  1. TheOneWho

    Editing Hating your own work.

    When you read over your work, either during editing or rewriting. How do you not hate what you write? When I edit what I wrote, I tend to hate what I wrote. Which results in me losing lots of motivation to write some more. How do I learn to love my own work?
  2. TheOneWho

    Forgotten Title Character reborn into a different genre.

    I'm not sure if I'm just bad at finding it or if I just dreamt it. But I'm looking for a story(Can't remember if it was a novel or manga) where the main character was a cartoon character reborn into a more realistic world. And has to deal with living in a world where people die more easily, and...
  3. TheOneWho

    Scribble Hub Stories Recommendations

    Like the title says. I've been pretty bored lately, so I decided to ask for story recommendations. I'm fine with any type of story as long as it's on scribble Hub. So feel free to recommend your stories if you want. I'm posting this pretty late, so my hopes are, to have some recommendations when...
  4. TheOneWho

    Just Need Some Feedback, Any Thoughts Are Nice.

    Story: I started this story a while ago and I haven't gotten any feedback. I really didn't want to do this as it feels like I'm just trying to get views but I just don't know if I'm doing any good with the story. So please if you can...