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  1. LoliGent

    The full potential of my skills.

    I drew some fanart for an indie game called Maiden & Spell, which is the only game I'm playing because I love it so much. I'm still touching it up, but this is pretty much the full potential of my drawing skills after being self taught for 2 decades. What do you think? You think I need some...
  2. LoliGent

    What kind of origin could these swords possibly have?

    I have this story that I've had in my head for some time. It takes place in the modern world where the characters in the story discover swords that must be held by two people, the other person being the person they are in love or are compatible mates, at least to the standards of that sword. If...
  3. LoliGent

    Is there a story written in the POV of a drunk person?

    Okay, maybe not a full length story, maybe a chapter, or short story. Anyway, as I'm working on my latest chapter, I needed a reason for character A to bump into character B late at night. Character A couldn't sleep and just takes a stroll while character B, I figured they got drunk and are...
  4. LoliGent

    What would you call a piece of writing that is more of a brainstorm but complete enough to be read by itself?

    Before I begin writing the rough drafts, I brainstorm and take notes. I lay out the notes and plan out what I want for the story. I even draw concept drawings of whatever I need at this stage. I then write a chunk of the story based on the notes I have made. It may or may not be the completed...
  5. LoliGent

    LoliGen: Age gap, loli, and even shota stories

    Introduction I have been planning my alternative label, LoliGen, for the past month, a label exclusively for my upcoming age gap romance and drama stories, centering around lolicon and shotacon. Now, if you are concerned about these types of stories, I don't blame you. It's mainly lewd and...
  6. LoliGent

    Attempting to improve my poses

    I was drawing the MC of my upcoming age gap romance and drew this pose. But there was something amiss with the legs. I used a reference but could not get him to look like he was walking properly. It looked too wonky, too stiff, like he wasn't even walking, just forcefully posing as if he never...
  7. LoliGent

    Looking for feedback for my reincarnation age gap story

    I'm now in the process of starting a new label and it's going to be nothing but age gap romances, particularly of the lolicon and shotacon variety, but will also be dabbing into older age ranges as well. If those tags seem like a put off, I assure you that the goal of these stories are to be...
  8. LoliGent

    What if your thoughts leaked into the real world?

    What if it was possible that somehow, someway, your thoughts could leak into the real world for all to see, hear, smell, whatever. Imagine if right now, your thoughts accidentally leaked and we could see. What would happen? I'm sure we would all end up arrested.
  9. LoliGent

    I drew this tuff of hair on a concept drawing and I have no idea what it actually is.

    So I'm mucking around with character designs for a new story I'm planning. I'm drawing the third character concept. This is what I came up with. I love it. I'm going to use it. Now, time to draw her facing the other way. Wait a minute. Wait just a minuto... What the fu- Okay, so I drew...