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    Writing Prompt We need more CYOA type prompts

    Humanity is one huge collection of CYOA plots
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    Whenever I want, which is about half a year ago or so
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    Editing Hating your own work.

    I just type what I write and never look back. If it was good enough for me during the time I was writing it, it will also be good for someone else
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    Writing Prompt How to turn a kingdom into a ruin with just 4 of you?

    if one of us has corona, we just wait. Maybe we walk around and then wait. Their healers won't be able to heal everybody and if it's the standard medieval setting, the people will start dropping fast.
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    Embarrassing story...

    So, I was going to a bus station today, and there weren't any people in sight, and I was a bit out of it, and I began humming a tune that was stuck in my head. After a while I was skipping and singing fairly loudly, and doing the gestures as if I was performing it.... My face when, I was...
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    Stating The Reason Why You Wrote The Story

    I usually put it in the summary. And let's be honest, most of us here write because "I wanted to write this cool thing, have no idea what goona come out of it Uwu", which is just not enough to write in a separate chapter
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    Did you prepare for you first novel?

    I had an idea and thought it was cool. Let it stew for a month or two and then decided, why not try writing it? Created a word document and started writing.
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    Unpopular opinion (or maybe not): The grammar and cover don’t matter.

    I don't know. It feels like the og thread said something along the lines of "you can make a story with a" bad" premise/plot better by using good writing skills", not saying things like "good grammar/language and/or cover can improve a story".
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    Create a Curse that last 5+ generations

    In the past, when you were no more than a baby Your father brought his young wife and you to this cottage They were a lovely couple But not lovely neighbors You see, your mother was with child And she developed an unusual appetite She admired my beautiful garden And she told your father That...
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    I got an Idea that will get popular I think

    I doubt it will catch on. Hard to execute, sounds pretty generic
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    Isekai within Isekai (story idea/Looking for)

    There's Trash of the county's family which has a similar situation
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    I wrote (currently on hiatus) a cultivation novel, where alchemy was a broad discipline about using the spiritual to transform the material. That included turning stone into gold, hot into cold, living into dead, space into a lot more space etc. On lower (below what basically was one step away...
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    Alien Fairy Tales

    I am certainly not an alien. I am a very human human. On that note, can any of you fellow humans remind me what our human defense mechanisms of Earth are?
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    Historically/scientifically incorrect reference in a story

    I don't really care what people write in their fiction. If it's bad I will just either suggest improvements (in my opinion) or stop reading. But, ultimately, it's up to the author to write what they want.
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    Which cover makes you want more to click on the story?

    First one, but more boobs
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    Ask me anything

    Identity of Zodiac killer
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    Weird Day

    Wow, that happens. Usually for me, public transportation is actually very nice. People don't talk to each other, avoid looking at each other and it's all pretty dandy (most of the time), to the point I usually take the bus even if I can go by car.