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    Embarrassing story...

    So, I was going to a bus station today, and there weren't any people in sight, and I was a bit out of it, and I began humming a tune that was stuck in my head. After a while I was skipping and singing fairly loudly, and doing the gestures as if I was performing it.... My face when, I was...
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    A moment of panic

    I know it's probably unsubstantiated but here's the story. Writing it to take it off my chest a little bit. I've had a terrible day. Then I went into a supermarket and baught a huge pack of candy (200 grams or so) (actual candy, no euphomisms) and came home and began eating it. I didn't notice...
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    Writing How to use sexuality in your writing

    How can you use sexuality to portray a story? Um... I guess I need a bit of an exposition on the subject. It's a bit long. Bear with me. So, I have been obsessed with watching videos by this YouTube Matt Baume, and he makes videos about gay representation in the popular media. What fascinated...
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    Writing Prompt Aliens have lives too, you know?

    So, I had this shower thought: mc isekais and immediately wants to change the new world for the better. They are a force of progress here, right? But, like, isn't it actually the opposite? Instead of trying to understand the local culture and customs and the differences between their current...
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    Is it just me, or has the general quality of stories here increased?

    Admittedly, I'm not the most avid reader of this site, but I feel like nowadays it's much easier to find novels that the authors have planned out, that are written consistently and are written with fewer grammatical mistakes now than it was, say a year or two ago on this site and on RRL.
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    Dead series memorial

    I dedicate this thread to the novels in my reading lists on RRL and SH that I thought were really good but they died midway. The order is arbitrary. RRL: 1) a soul's new home by BigFatKoala 2) draconic Overlord by Blood-Shard 3) the adventures of a yuri cat girl in a futuristic fantasy world...
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    Writing Horror and comedy?

    It is said that both horror and comedy rely on the disperancy between what the reader (or, rather consumer) expects, and what is delivered. But.... Can one make a joke that is both scary and funny? Not a horror story with comedy elements or vice versa, but something both funny and scary at the...
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    Is it worth it to begin writing a story that somebody else has already written?

    As probably most casual authors here, I started committing stories here because of an over-saturated taste that demanded more and more specific stories as time went on. A liking for stories with certain clichés developed to liking stories with particular ways of implementation of said clichés...
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    How to write romance

    I, don't like romance very much (why did I put a period there). I love the build-up to romance, when the characters are kinda getting to it, but aren't quite there yet, it is (almost) always a joy and a treat to read. But when the characters get together, usually the romance goes downhill...
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    Weeby inflections in writing

    I don't know why, but despite totally being chill with the weeby inflections in translated novels (things like - san, - sama, etc), I can't stand them in not originally Japanese ones. How do you feel about them?
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    How far is taking liberties with your premise acceptable

    The title doesn't convey what I wanted to discuss well. Here's a somewhat extreme example: you want to start a bg romantic comedy fantasy, and your title and your description and your tags are all indicative of this. Halfway through the story though, you suddenly feel like your story is...
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    Divine bureaucracy

    In many stories we have certain ideas of a divine bureaucracy: gods in charge of things so that the world(s) don't fall into chaos, reincarnation gods that ferry souls all over the place dutifully, even systems that make sure to send agents to scenarios and prevent some sorts of injustices. All...
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    Question for straight transgender men

    I have a question for straight transgender men. I was reading mtl of an otome game genderbender villainess yuri harem reincarnation (I feel like such a nerd describing this very particular niche) and there was a monologue that got me thinking about things. I also apologise if I asked something...
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    Recommendations GL selfcest recommendations

    I need to leave a message to post the post so here we are. Here, lemme give you a kiss 😘
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    Does gender bender tag apply to this

    Entity with a gender - > entity without gender and vice versa
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    Dump your abandoned story ideas here

    As title said. Felt like dumpling some of mine and decided to make a thread where everyone could do that. I can't remember if there already was one though. #1 #2 #3
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    What does "Son-Deville" mean?

    I listened to a song from a musical called Dracula. The song's title is "within my world" There was a word, a term, I didn't really know, so I wanted to find out. Here are the fragments with the song's lyrics:
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    Explain patriotism to me

    A fictional country feels a bit unrealistic if it doesn't have a kind of identity, and if its people are the same as in any copy-past cardboard cutouts. How to create a country's identity is a difficult topic I don't quite want to touch upon, but the first step I want to take is to create the...
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    Future of our civilization

    I don't want this thread to be locked, so try to avoid talking about ideologies or world politics and be not specific, if not vague in your answers. I think it's an interesting thought experiment and it's useful to authors because it allows them to take a perspective that is rarely used in most...
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    I got reminded that I'm not forever

    I heard that the principal of the school I went to died. She was quite young, late 40s to early 50s. I didn't know her well, I barely even knew her back when I was a student, but I felt very sad. It's one thing to know that life is not forever and that even young people are dying nowadays, or...