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  1. LotsChrono

    Boy x Girl, Girl x Girl, or Boy x Boy?

    I wanna see which romantic category is most popular on this site.
  2. LotsChrono

    Amma create a smut story just to see what happens

    I’m gonna create a comedic smut story just to see what happens. That’s all.
  3. LotsChrono

    What do you think makes someone a monster?

    What do you think makes someone a monster? Just getting opinions for my next novella. So, just give me your honest thoughts.
  4. LotsChrono

    How many stories have you finished writing?

    You don’t have to have published them, and each volume of a series counts. My vote is >10.
  5. LotsChrono

    Every time I think I suck at writing, I just remember 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'

    I mean, the writers created a map (which must align with debris) to a map of a blockade of space dusts to a place; with 3 total macguffins. The balls on them must be made of steel. My god, they even revived the big bad villain from several movies back? Legendary writing skill. Imagine reading...
  6. LotsChrono

    What is your typing speed?

    What is your typing speed? In Words Per Minute. On average mine is about 60 to 65 WPM, but at peak, it's about 72. If you don't know yours, you can take a quick test using this link: Advanced Typing Test English -
  7. LotsChrono

    What's the point of writing?

    What's the point of writing? Especially when you pass your initial reason for starting. It used to be a hobby began to create things I would like to read. But, it’s not as if I actually read my own work all that much anymore. Knowing what happens next and why, being the author, ruins a lot of...
  8. LotsChrono

    Want a Discord server for writers and readers?

    Dunno if this is against the rules but I've got you covered:
  9. LotsChrono

    Sell Me Your Story in 3 Sentences or Less

    Just as it sounds, give the name of your story, then sell it to me within 3 sentences. Yes, they must be coherent, complete sentences. Don't give me a synopsis of the plot, tell me why your story is unique from everyone else's, or why someone should give it a try. You can be creative. Maybe...
  10. LotsChrono

    Types and Styles of Isekai 2.0

    After much input and improvements from others and myself, I've now made a 2.0. I clarified the main 3 types and changed the old types to the main 4 styles. As-well, I added another paragraph to Dynamic-Isekai explaining how their plot usually flows. Furthermore, some more sub-types, essentially...
  11. LotsChrono

    Types of Isekai

    After having read a ton of isekai light novels and web novels in my life, I have now wasted 2+ hours of my time (due to interest) to compile what I think are the 4 main types and the plentiful sub-types. The sub-type category also includes example novels for if you wanna check a specific type...
  12. LotsChrono

    R. A. T. H. Feedback/Review

    Hello there, my story R. A. T. H has just wrapped up its first volume at chapter 64 and I’m looking for feedback on it (a review would be nice too.) Yup, the entire first volume as a whole, or however much you manage to get through. [Synopsis] Rose: a broken doll tossed out into the world with...