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  1. MissPaige36

    Artist and Authors— Happy New Years and help me again

    Happy New Years! Hope it’s a lovely 2022 for you! I have a question that I have asked before— but this time I have the ability to actually do it. Previously I asked if my readers or potential readers would appreciate art accompanied with the story. Like in a chapter, I might’ve drawn a certain...
  2. MissPaige36

    New cover art!

    I spent like two days drawing this, I hope my readers like it :sweating_profusely: Here’s also the full image because I had to crop A LOT to get some of it.
  3. MissPaige36

    I like my genre but you don’t

    So yeah… I’ve gotten very into writing my book after a dramatic time where I kinda dropped it and then picked it up again… And the thing is, I’m very happy about the views, likes and readers that I get, it’s even more than I expected! But like every writer, you’re never satisfied. I know I...
  4. MissPaige36

    Digital artists HELP ME!

    Hello! I’m a beginner digital artist who’s been on procreate since… march of this year. I just started with actually learning how to use the app though. And I quite like procreate, it’s not a bad app to use (I use an ipad to draw, with a stylus). However! I recently came across Ibispaint X...
  5. MissPaige36

    Why is there a dropped option?

    Hi, I’m in a horrible mood so I decided to fix it by complaining—again. So! Why is there a dropped actions for readers? It really bamboozle me when I think I have x amount of readers, but oh wait! A few have decided to drop them too? Why not just delete the novel from your reading list? That’s...
  6. MissPaige36

    Doing this for the artist role

    Well here’s my six hour art:
  7. MissPaige36

    Should I draw my own cover?

    I personally think I’ve gotten decent enough to at least depict what I want my characters to look like. And I’ve seen how even the most popular stories doesn’t have the best art on their covers, but are still very appealing. I’m currently drawing my main character and thinking of making it the...
  8. MissPaige36

    I can’t write my story anymore.

    Shocker? No. This is normal. The reason as to why I want to drop my story is because it’s no longer fun. It’s filled with holes that I tried refilling by rewriting, but now it’s boring to write. I’m planning on probably stop posting, either for a long time or forever. I’ll be writing something...
  9. MissPaige36

    Is my chapter too long?

    almost done writing my chapter, I took me like a week because of procrastination. The thing is, it’s at like 7.3K words, and I still have 1-2K more to write. It’s a long… sequence in the story that I’d like to have in one single chapter. Since this is an edited version of the previous chapter...
  10. MissPaige36

    The name of the room that royals party in?

    Alright so I’m currently re-writing my story and I got stuck on this. What would be a good word for the supposed room that royals gather up in and party. edit: that is to say, the mc is about to have a debut where you become of age (he’s a prince) and I’m wondering what a good word for a...
  11. MissPaige36

    What is the glossary for?

    I’m rewriting like my entire story right now, so there won’t be anything for a few weeks or months. But what is the glossary for? Like a summary for your story or something?
  12. MissPaige36


    Alright I am MAD. So I was rewriting the first chapter. I was almost done, I’m quite sure I was 3.2K words in. And then I leave the app (I’m on an iPad with a keyboard attached to it) and return to see the latest I wrote wiped clean. I was about to post the chapter too… Please please please...
  13. MissPaige36

    I can't reread my own story

    I noticed once I had written like 10 chapters of my novel, that I could barely read 3 chapters before I got bored or hated the writing. And that would explain the lack of traffic I've been getting this past few weeks too, even though I’m uploading more. So here's the question: Should I rewrite...
  14. MissPaige36

    I laugh at my writing, don’t you laugh at yours?

    Not the mocking kind that is. As someone who inspires to be a better writer and very much a beginner, I’ve written so many different stories and stopped them all. Which means my appreciation for my writing is at the bottom. But now that I’ve finally reached more than ten chapters of a story...
  15. MissPaige36

    What does the referrer thing mean

    Sorry for being a big dum dum and always posting stuff here but it's fun chatting with you fellow authors. Anyways, as I was saying, what does the referrer thing mean and how come there's always links and stuff? Sorry my native language isn't English so I would appreciate some help!
  16. MissPaige36

    Reading my recent chapter is tacky

    Okay please help, I don’t know why but my recent chapters, I’ve noticed but not really cared, have started to have huge spaces after every sentence or paragraph. It’s weird since I don’t like writing here, I just copy paste and then edit as I read and go. I feel it’s easier that way. But here’s...
  17. MissPaige36

    I want to draw art for my story

    Okay so listen here, I've reached 10 (actually 11 but one doesn't really count) chapters on my first novel. And I’m also an artist. However I only recently got into digital art, I'd still like to draw art for my novel. Do you guys thing that would make readers more engaged? Also should I add...
  18. MissPaige36

    The fame is getting to me

    So I just recently found this site and decided to post my book here that I’m writing for fun since I uh posted it on wattpad before this. But there, I only got at best 15 views so I’ve always thought my story is terrible yeah? But in one day of posting it here, it already got 200+ views and a...
  19. MissPaige36

    How to post your story

    Um where do you make your story and post it? I’m quite confused about this...