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  1. feirut

    Stories starting over/going through major edits.

    I've been in that situation for quite a while. However, when I realized that I wanted to do things over since new ideas and a more rigid style is coming up, I was on the point of no return. I was at around 200k+ words written in due to the tremendous drive I had. I wanted to rewrite my old...
  2. feirut


    Magic creation should be bound by rules. They need an appropriate amount of time and testing. A proportional cost to effectiveness ratio. They should never be some sort of miracle where 'Oh, I just created a new magic out of my imagination'. Even magic creation as a skill in lit rpg stories...
  3. feirut

    Places with a lot of people

    Cinemas, theme parks, condominiums, beaches, train stations or any major point of transit, airports, famous museums during a certain holiday, tourist spots/landmarks Edit: Comiket or large conventions
  4. feirut


    Face it or not, there will always be a genre that will hit the taste of the readers. And in most cases, if some comes across a story with a genre they hate, they'll rate it low even without reading it. Frankly, it's better to get immune to ratings as fast as possible. Get used to it. There will...
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    Grammar checking sites are helpful, very helpful. For example, you can use them to check tense consistency. There's also the matter using the same form of English. Usually, they can differentiate British English and American English. Those two are really confusing. There's also the fact that you...
  6. feirut

    Can't think of a name? Try this.

    If you're worried about naming stuff like places, and character names, you can use this: Fantasy Name Generators The generator has a lot of stuff authors could use. It's very diverse and you can explore the generators they offer. They even have map creators if you're willing to take the time...
  7. feirut

    Resolved Image Overflow in Glossary

    Not really a huge deal, but I came across it anyway. Thing is, when the image is large, the content container for the glossary allows the image to overflow or exceed the container's view width
  8. feirut

    So about web novels, from a newbie...

    Of course it's fine. You can release whenever you want. But the question there is reader retention. Retention depends if the story is interesting, but a set schedule keeps that interest in check. Besides, most people post their pre-polished/ unpolished work here for feedbacks and further...
  9. feirut

    Is this like Wattpad?

    It's similar in nature. But the last time I checked, you need to self promote in Wattpad. They don't have latest updates there from the last time I used it so the exposure for up and coming amateur authors is very low.
  10. feirut

    Announcement Section and In-chapter polls

    Aside from Details, Glossary, and Statistics tab for each series, I suggest adding an Announcements tab. The main reason is to keep the readers up-to-date on the status of the series without getting mixed up with the chapters. This way, whenever an author is met with a problem in real life...
  11. feirut

    what is the best time to upload

    I've been in that situation once. What I did was to note the increase in views whenever I posted a chapter at different times. It did help, to be honest. In the end, the answer I came up with is... post it once you are satisfied. I know views and numbers are quite exciting to watch since it...
  12. feirut

    Username and Avatar

    Feirut originated from 'fruit'. Let's just say I just jumbled it all up from that. And for my Ava, it's the MC of my main novel. Basically, I just cropped the cover I made.