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    What is the best compliment you have ever received?

    Someone once told me I looked like a sexy gelfling, I liked that one. Another time a pashmina vendor told me I was the goddess of the Himalayas and gave me a free scarf
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    Anybody got art of their characters?

    I already responded on your RR thread, but hell, I wanna share this work in progress here, too Rough sketch I’m working on of the main cast of my litRPG, Tails of a Cyborg Fox Girl. The completed art will be included in a later chapter
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    Characters/Events/Items in your stories that reference Mythology/History

    My story the Persephone Variant is a science fantasy reimagining of the Hades and Persephone myths, so pretty much the whole thing is inspired by mythology in some way
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    Gayest Straight Couple in Fiction?

    There is only one correct answer to this and it’s Jessie and James from Team Rocket Yeah, I don’t care if they aren’t -technically- a couple. They are.
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    Drug-Addicted MC

    Hey, if giving me an excuse to talk about myself on a writing forum where part of the whole point is to participate and draw attention to your work feels like an accomplishment to you, who am I to take that away? Enjoy, friend. And thank you. Really should get around to putting my art and...
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    Drug-Addicted MC

    Interesting. I’m a stoner and I: —have written well over 500,000 words worth in my novel projects over the past few years and completed several art projects, including my book covers which are all my own work. I have achieved my dream job and gotten to do licensed work related to pretty much...
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    What do you, as a reader, like to see in a novel?

    I wanna see more polyamory in more forms. Not harems. Not throuples that are exclusively with each other. But polyamorous people where everyone involved is dating multiple people and it’s totally ok and not a source of drama but just like, a norm Also, more autistic and neurodivergent MCs that...
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    How did you find your covers?

    I painted all but one of mine from scratch. The individual stock assets I used for the other one (Lunarborn) came from Adobe Stock, but the design I did myself.
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    What kind of fictional character are you?

    Basically just Entrapta but with art/writing instead of robotics
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    For those authors with a fear of failure

    Sad for us. Very, very happy for people who like writing smut Gods I wish I loved writing smut
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    For those authors with a fear of failure

    This is a funny example because the author of 50 shades wasn’t sucking up to anyone. She literally wrote a Twilight fanfic just because she wanted to (as a hobby, like you said) then it -somehow- got picked up, she changed the names, and now she’s a millionaire or whatever. Say what you will...
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    I can predict whether your story will become popular or not

    Ok thank you! Once I'm finished I'll be publishing elsewhere, so not bad news. Kinda confused because I don't mention make-up at all, the first chapter is literally her getting her face magically transformed into a different face lol
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    I can predict whether your story will become popular or not

    Hope you don’t mind me bothering you again :P This time I actually have one for you that’s under 30 chapters Genres: Girls love, fantasy, comedy, drama, Josie, mature, romance, adventure, adult notable tags: secret identity, cooking, enemies-to-lovers, battle competition, bisexual protagonist...
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    Recommendations Multi-person romance with actual romance

    A few of my stories feature polyamorous relationships (it’s what I default to, being polyam myself) but the main one that fits your requirements is Wicked Honey It’s the story of a princess, the woman she tricked into marrying her, and one...
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    Post Your Synopsis & Get Feedback

    Ooh yes I'll bite For my story "Lunarborn" ------ Once she was the Tyrant Empress. The one who made rivers run red with blood. The one whose name was poison to speak. But now she’s been Reset, her memories broken, her power lost. Reborn under the night sky into the Realm of Solastrad, where...
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    What is your Elevator Pitch?

    Wicked Honey— Magical food battles with life-and-death stakes and lesbians Stormstruck— Takes place in a modern fantasy world with magical lightning storms and gates that turn people into different types of fanastical beings. Also, there are lesbians. Mirefall— Gunk from asteroids is turning...
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    Free First Chapter Feedback

    I’d like to thrown down the first chapter of my entry to The Second Tempest Contest, if I may
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    New art/cover for my yuri urban fantasy series, Stormstruck

    Oh, I won't be using it as a cover on RR or SH, only on Wattpad where I'm posting the story as a duology rather than a single serial. Thanks though :)
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    New art/cover for my yuri urban fantasy series, Stormstruck

    I'm presenting this story under one title here, but elsewhere it's a series--and I'm just about to start book two (which here is part three) of the story. Hence, new art for a new cover :) (made by me)