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  1. Ilikewaterkusa

    Meme Review

    I’ll review your memes on a 1-2 scale. 1-2 because if you don’t chose between the lowest option and the highest your rating things wrong.
  2. Ilikewaterkusa

    How do NEETs live?

    Just curious lol
  3. Ilikewaterkusa

    You have to join my discord server

    You have never seen something so attractive and breath taking
  4. Ilikewaterkusa

    You Just Can’t…

  5. Ilikewaterkusa

    Get Better Swordater!

    Swordater if you happen to see this I'll have you fucking know that you are legitimately the most beautiful Motherfucker there is! And that if anything is to get in your way, I will get in the way of their fucking shit! You are one of the most talented, and sweetest motherfuckers I've ever met...
  6. Ilikewaterkusa

    I’m evil, give me your memes

    I’m a gangster, so give me your memes
  7. Ilikewaterkusa

    I've gotten a great power!

    Hellomst to all of thou, for which this ismt is a treatise flexing the fact that I can comment "Thank you for this chapter!" in 0.12 seconds or less. In the orthodox chapter thanking theory it took 5 seconds at most For the copy paster it would range from 0.3 to 0.7 seconds But for me I can...
  8. Ilikewaterkusa

    What feel do you get from this guy, and can you beat him in a fight?

    To me this guy looks like a vampire, who is also a noble douchebag that lives in a big mansion. And no I can’t defeat him in a fight.
  9. Ilikewaterkusa

    Do You Know About Thomas Carlyle?

    Thomas Carlyle is easily superior to Shakespeare, but unfortunately he’s overshadowed by the overrated trash.
  10. Ilikewaterkusa

    Ask me your biggest civilization/ history related queysions

    I know about history and I’m bored. So just ask me all your questions.
  11. Ilikewaterkusa

    The Decline Of Speculative Mystery In Story Seeking

    As part of growing up I always had an adherence and curiosity to the profound set of books, which had often been in the school library, and on my shelf. I would have spent hours of my day in observation and imagination in speculative thought, a questioning for the profound. Be it in Curious...
  12. Ilikewaterkusa

    I Literally Have Too Much Story Ideas

    I literally have north of 60 story ideas, and I have no idea on what I should do with all that
  13. Ilikewaterkusa

    What do you think of her?

    What do you think of her? And would she be a waifu?
  14. Ilikewaterkusa

    What impression do you get from this man?

    What impression does this guy give you?
  15. Ilikewaterkusa

    How Fast Do You Read?

    I’d like to ask the question of how fast you can read in three conditions. How fast do you read when you are interested in the topic/story I’d say I’m about 600 words per minute. How fast do you read when you are not interested in the topic/story? idk How fast do you read when the story...
  16. Ilikewaterkusa

    You’re Fired

    Found another “person” or maybe a bot trying to sign me up to webnovel lol. “You’re fired”
  17. Ilikewaterkusa

    Stating The Reason Why You Wrote The Story

    As of recently I have been reading of philosophic works, and the constitution of the United States. And in the two, I have realized that the beginning of the work has a “chapter of sorts”, a so called preamble. In this preamble the author themselves state the reason of why they have written the...
  18. Ilikewaterkusa

    Do you think you can read 10 thousand chapters by the end of 2022?

    I think I can if I read and comment on 20 chapters everyday. This is considering the 2000 or something comments I already have. *Note I don’t have a way to know how much chapters I’ve read so I’m just going to use comments.
  19. Ilikewaterkusa

    Funniest Wacko Moments

    This title refers to funny wacky stuff / quotes you’ve seen. Here’s my wacko moment. Florida man type energy.
  20. Ilikewaterkusa

    Can users create their own contests?

    I had this thought of having some contest thing for the people on my discord, and I’d like to ask. Are users allowed to host their contests on scribblehub even if the contest isn’t officialized, and given official status by scribblehub? Also I could do this on my discord, or whatever else I...