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    National Stereotypes

    I think I could be considered a wine and beer loving schmuck that wears a feathery headdress while reading the bible. Oh, right, the wine loving part also compulsively apologizes
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    National Stereotypes

    Oh, a mitten dwelling Michigander?
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    What's your opinion on this kind of time loop in a story?

    Not sure if this is the same concept of what you're talking about, but there are also some games that have a time loop type thing you have to play though. Like-run 1 is bad ending, then game loops to run 2 where maybe they try things differently and different things happen (sometimes for no...
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    Writing How to start writing a Fairytale?

    How to start a fairy tale? Once upon a time there was a happily ever after. The end. more seriously-some good tips already mentioned in the thread, and it depends on what you’re hoping to frame the story as. Is it a cautionary fairy tale? A children’s bedtime story? A screwed up horror story...
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    How far is taking liberties with your premise acceptable

    Have we read the same stories? Aside from the futa part, the sudden dramatic shift from light hearted comedy to emotional and physical torture porn of the main character seems like a close match for some of the crap I had the misfortune of reading before dropping it. That aside, it seems there...
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    Have you seen the Yellow Sign?

    That was Old Man Henderson, wasn’t it? I wonder what happened to the old codger
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    Milhouse Van Houten reincarnates in a cultivation world. What happens?

    Well, Milhouse dies to the standard tier 0 bullies that attack the protagonist and are used to show off the protagonist isn't trash anymore. Except in this case he still is. So Milhouse dies and the story is over very quickly.
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    War Crimes In Web Novels

    Oh, plenty of web novels have what we would consider war crimes going on (and even would be considered war crimes if people in the story weren’t too afraid of the Mc or sucking up to them and saying it’s fine since the MC did it). Look for Chinese novels with “ruthless”(read-sociopath and/or...
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    Writing List of worst things consistently generalized in repetitive forms throughout stories of CN, JP, KR, and etc.

    Zirrboy mentioned a big one-grudges and blood feuds. Woo boy do they love their blood feuds and eternal grudges. “Our ancestors looked looked weirdly at our neighbors 5000 years ago. We’re still mortal enemies to this day.” Way too often you have some idiot drag their family into conflict that...
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    Genderbender that is not yuri or GL

    You probably want to do searches for the GB stories that also have the transgender tag to find what you’re looking for. Here are two completed stories from OfficiallyZoe, who also has a bunch of other series like them. The first story even has a sequel that’s completed...
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    I need unpleasant stories or experiences that a girl can do to a man.

    "I'm pregnant, you're the father." "Oh, those boys are just friends. I'm totally not sleeping with them too and telling them the exact same thing about you." "String him along, get him to buy you things and pay for your stuff, then dump him and move on. If he doesn't want to buy things for you...
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    Is anyone else bothered by the large amount of gl novels containing het?

    Could you explain the difference between pansexual and bisexual? I’ve always been confused at what was the difference between them. Not counting the occasional gags were someone is literal and the character is attracted to pans. I’ve also seen “name”-sexual for when someone is attracted only to...
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    The rules of English walk into a bar.

    Boo, hiss, get out of here with your awful grammar puns!:blob_catflip: (shouldn't the Oxford comma sentence have a comma after television?)