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  1. LordJoyde

    Nominate someone

    I nominate myself as the one, the only, God of Overdramatization.
  2. LordJoyde

    Random Question Alert!

    Depending on how its used, it can be a good dramatic tool. Therefore, I like it.
  3. LordJoyde

    What do you think about life?

    Its just whatever, honestly. It can always be better, but its on the brighter side of things for now.
  4. LordJoyde

    Possible way to disable Comments on posts?

    I meant as a writer, not a reader. How would you spoil an author their own story?
  5. LordJoyde

    Possible way to disable Comments on posts?

    I mean, whatever floats your boat, mate. My advice would be to grow a spine. Its far easier to bully people that can't or wont defend themselves than it is someone who will openly bite back.
  6. LordJoyde

    Possible way to disable Comments on posts?

    That seems like a you problem to me mate? And honestly, if you're like that why even post your work online?
  7. LordJoyde

    Possible way to disable Comments on posts?

    And here I beg for comments because I have an addiction. No but seriously, why the hell would you blockade comments?
  8. LordJoyde

    Of Reincarnator's romance

    And that is exactly why the reincarnator's neck would be real close to my sword's sharpened edge~
  9. LordJoyde

    Of Reincarnator's romance

    I would not allow it so easily since knowing how people from this world are, I will have severe doubts that my daughter won't be cheated on or worse, turned into a willing harem member. On the other hand, I would have no problems in being the teen myself. New flesh, new pleasures, as I'd like...
  10. LordJoyde

    It's a rant

    This rant is the reason why I wrote Heroine? Yeah, no. Been noticing this for a while but you and I have fairly similar thought process XD
  11. LordJoyde

    Why do most Jp and Kr (and some Cn) Mcs look the same

    *racism.exe has been activated* Well, its cause all asians look the same so of course their self-inserts would all look alike.
  12. LordJoyde

    Harem or No Harem Team?

    Harem should only be applicable in incestual situations. Otherwise, hell no lol.
  13. LordJoyde

    Why do so many people hate on isekai?

    I just wish there was less escapism and more 'you're in a medieval fantasy world, rule your situation'. I.E - Release That Witch! "designs bordering NFTs"
  14. LordJoyde

    How do you all feel about the Isekai trends the makes every season now have at least 2-3 isekai anime?

    Its heavily dependent on the Isekai, but sometimes, there is legitimate gold amid the shit and decomposing trash that is the Isekai genre.
  15. LordJoyde

    How do y’all feel about smut novels?

    Smut novels? As in novels based solely in sex?... man, leave these things to the normies, I'll say. For a less cringy response and as I used to write lemons (smut) for donator money, I prefer for my smut to be disjoined with zero connection to the last piece of erotica that I read, but that...
  16. LordJoyde

    Lurkers reveal yourselves!

    Well, if they're anything like me, they made an account for ScribbleHub pretty much the day of its official founding, wrote a few stories and then never really realized that this forum was a thing or cared enough to look through to see what it was about. (I myself only began to lurk the forums a...
  17. LordJoyde

    Do you find her creepy?

    Yes? Everything from her teeth, smile and eye positioning is outright wrong. Wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be a human-shaped doll.
  18. LordJoyde

    Movies and Shows

    I abhor it when feminists create characters that exist for the sole purpose of fulfilling some 'moral' quota or whatever. Like a black guy whose only personality trait is being a black guy. Or an old, rich white dude that hates nature, and is also racist. Or your classic ugly lesbian chick...
  19. LordJoyde

    Dialogue Tags

    If this is the first time this has happened to them, I don't think they'll soon forget it. LMAO
  20. LordJoyde

    Wow Just Wow

    Unexperienced is a word? Huh, you learn something new every day.