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  1. The_Everdistant_Utopia

    Please give me your best elaborate insults

    It is as the thread name says. But to clarify more, I'd like to see insults without the use of profanities (or at least using them minimally) and basically just offensive by virtue of just the sheer absurdity/hilarity. Think "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"...
  2. The_Everdistant_Utopia

    Have you ever done gardening?

    So, I keep a small garden at the back of my house that I used to tend to in order to relieve some stress and get a breather. Used to, that is, since the rainy season came and went and uprooted most of my garden. Though the only thing I cared the most was my coffee tree that got trashed. Oh, and...
  3. The_Everdistant_Utopia

    Recommendations Male protagonist Villainess story

    As the title says, I'm craving for the rarest of finds, a villainess plot but with a male lead. It can be either that the protagonist is a side character (Like MobuSeka or the Butler of the Villainess story), or maybe the 'Tyrant' husband/fiancé was the one being sent back/reincarnated into. Or...