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  1. Ninestar619

    Looking for Work I can draw for you anything you want!

    I can draw for you anything you wish as long as you pay. Your wish is my command 😀 Any Author who is in need of a cover or a character and can pay, feel free to ring or ask me. And keep in mind that i don't draw skin exposed too much or anything like that. I take how much a person can afford and...
  2. Ninestar619

    Ready for commissions

    I will draw for you anything with any price, as it isn't fixed! But surely more than 30$ I don't draw characters with skin exposed too much😊 Your wish is my command! I can bring your dream character to reality if you wish (I guess that's too much) 🤔 These are my recent art!!! Was kinda free so...
  3. Ninestar619

    The king's avatar

    Did anyone watch the king's avatar anime? 😀 It is a Chinese anime🙂 An E sports one! maybe new type? 😂 It's so funny and interesting!!! 🤣 the novel is much better than the anime😊 the anime has many cut scenes😒 it have 2 seasons and a movie😀 the movie is the best!!!!! 😍 I am a big fan of this...
  4. Ninestar619


    I am back!!!!😀 I am an Artist and is ready to draw. 😊 Any Authors who are looking for covers and are ready to pay then feel free to ask me.🙂 The payment isn't fixed. 😆 Your wish is my command 😊 If this post isn't enough you can check my other two threads...
  5. Ninestar619

    I need MORE readers!!!!!!!

    I need more readers 😃 I have posted this series months ago and yet there are so less readers 😫 I have seen many Authors share their series here to get advise so now I also need some 🙂 Anyone who read this please give me some advise and guide me to get more readers 😣...
  6. Ninestar619

    Cover or character illutration art

    I wanted to post more of my art so Authors can choose or see what they like. I will draw any cover or character with any price 😀 Covers or the character's price isn't fixed😊 Feel free to ring me if anyone wants anything. There are still more but I will post them later🤗 My first time drawing...
  7. Ninestar619

    Looking for Work Covers or pics to use

    I am an Artist who draw cover for my own book. I hope if anyone is searching for an Artist to draw fir them or a book cover feel free to take or ask me.... Here is my link of my drawing Hope you Ring me if you want me to draw for you a cover