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  1. Mephi

    What motivates your favorite villain?

    I like greed, simply because I prefer villains I can identify as having human drives
  2. Mephi

    The art of smut

    As with all writing, the only solution is to do it over and over again with people who tear apart everything you did wrong. And maybe get more reference material.
  3. Mephi

    How to write comedy?

    Puns. Lots of puns and wordplay. And sneaky references to pop culture.
  4. Mephi

    My novel covers keep disappearing

    That's me. I'm hacking your account and stealing them. /Joking
  5. Mephi

    4chan or Tumblr

    Why not Twitter or pixiv or somewhere else? Discord channels are pretty good too.
  6. Mephi

    How do you make your dialogue better?

    Read more books. Like, actual dead tree novels you get from the library. Pay attention to how they have people interact. I find it's easiest to improve through imitation before you develop your own style
  7. Mephi

    How would the body of a cultivator decompose?

    Maybe it would never decompose. Maybe it would always be harvested for materials or eaten by demonic beasts.
  8. Mephi

    What is success?

    Success is "achievement of a goal or ambition." Goals vary from person to person and time to time.
  9. Mephi

    What is the mana circle that is used to gauge a level of a magician?

    As I said before, its not a trend that started with jrpgs, its a trend that started with Dungeons and Dragons, back half a century ago, which in turn was based on the works of Jack Vance's Dying Earth novels. JRPGs actually are actually heavily based on translated copies of D&D, especially...
  10. Mephi

    What is the mana circle that is used to gauge a level of a magician?

    This is nothing more than a game mechanic from D&D that made it into general fantasy. An 8th circle mage is just one that can cast level 8 magic. The higher the level of magic, the more powerful it is, and the more difficult it is to learn/cast. Circle is just another word for level or tier...
  11. Mephi

    How would you write (did you write) your own magical girl story?

    Homera did nothing wrong.
  12. Mephi

    How would you write (did you write) your own magical girl story?

    Magical girls are basically just a variation of the superhero genre. Super powers, costume changes no one can see through, heroes and villains, etc. Just localized to their own branch of antagonists So my magical girls get their powers from a familiar... But end up running into gadgeteers...
  13. Mephi

    If you had this power!

    Win the lottery. Money is the most effective way to do good (or evil).
  14. Mephi

    Recommendations Otome Isekai with Horny Protagonist

    Hmm.. I know of one who's a devil, complete with horns. That counts, right?
  15. Mephi

    Recommendations Fake Tsundere

    Neon Genesis Evangelion. Asuka literally just hates the main character. All of the female leads are just different -dere archetypes, but minus the actual dere part.
  16. Mephi

    How important is it to you for stories to have interesting chapter titles?

    Titles are important to catch attention when one is looking for a new book. Once we get past the title and cover, start looking at the synopsis and first chapter and stuff, it doesn't matter as much. But it is totally important to get that first spark of interest. "Don't judge a book by the...
  17. Mephi

    Opposite of Divine

    Profane - get power from sin or fear instead of faith. Alternatively, powered by sacrifices or eating souls. Arcane - ambient world energy Eldritch gods - crazy powerful reality warpers that get stronger the more stuff they warp. Cat - they're a cat, godless killing machines that look down on...
  18. Mephi

    Which is better?

    I'm going to toss in a dark horse:
  19. Mephi

    Please answer the question. "How do you cook instant noodles?"

    What is this cook you mention? Raw is the only way to go
  20. Mephi

    Fill in the blank. "School is a place to_____"

    Set all tweeny games and stories in.