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  1. Reborn_Cat

    I was bored.

    I was bored and hence made a few characters. Will probably post more later
  2. Reborn_Cat

    Does this actually work?

    Recently I saw this short by Dan Povenmire about writers block which basically was write whatever, even if it's crappy, then edit the hell out of it later, and just wanted to ask if it actually works or you just end up hating yourself due to how bad it is.
  3. Reborn_Cat

    Battle Academy Anime

    I don't know if it has just died or I'm not looking in the right places, but I haven't seen a new battle academy anime being released in a while and I kinda miss them. Not an isekai but a battle academy one like absolute duo and others. I think the last one I know was released was MHA. P.S...
  4. Reborn_Cat

    About religion in writing.

    Recently, a novel I was reading on another site was dropped due to the reason that due to religion (real not fictional), the author wasn't supposed to write about that novel. In the end I'm kinda miffed about it as the novel actually very good. I just wanted to know other peoples opinion on...