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  1. Leficios

    Question For The Video Editors

    My class was split into five groups, each making a play. I had my groupmates record their lines, and added that it would be great if they could leave a second or two in between lines. So, here's the question for the video editors. Is there some sort of editing software that I don't know about...
  2. Leficios

    Recommendations School Arc Actually Finishes

    I've read so many "School Life" novels. It's one of my favorites, but I always feel blue-balled whenever it stops so abruptly due to some outside interference. I'd like to know if there are any out there that actually have the school arc finish before the protagonist goes on to do other stuff.
  3. Leficios

    Seeking Immortality Despite Its Downsides

    What could be a good reason for someone to seek immortality despite knowing of the downsides? Many people would want to live forever. But that too could be a living hell, depending on who you are. So picture this. There's this hermit, who's basically living in his magic tower for hundreds of...
  4. Leficios

    Academic Subjects

    What are some good magic studies? Academy arc is coming soon, and I still haven't quite figured out some of the subjects. I was planning on going with everybody needing to learn mandatory subjects, but I just need more. If possible, please give what exactly the subject is about. I won't know...
  5. Leficios

    Multiple Characters In Same Scenes

    My MC, who's the youngest sibling of his family, has four older siblings. And add the fact that he has around four subordinates, with two being around most of the time, its hard to have them all talking. Conversations this way can get bland, if everyone just goes "yes" or "no." How do you guys...
  6. Leficios

    Writing Nature Magic

    I see this type of magic a lot in stories, so I decided to put it into mine quite a while ago. The user, an elf, and the apostle of the Nature Goddess, is an elf. I figured this could work. Until now I've been having her be the person who goes out a lot, since she often picks up seeds she...
  7. Leficios

    Writing Tournament School Arc

    Just like any other school arc, you've gotta have a tournament arc in it. Mine doesn't happen until the second year, though. I figured I'd have this in place in order to allow the new fish to be able to gauge how strong their upperclassman are. Anyway, for the people who write/have written...
  8. Leficios

    Writing Which move sounds more powerful?

    I'm trying to think up more Mental Magic related spells for my MC. The first two that came into my head was a total shutdown of the opponent's nervous system, thus leaving them a lifeless husk. The second was that the MC would pull his opponent into a, sort of dream world, where he controls...
  9. Leficios

    Writing Prompt Death Description

    Let's say you meet Death. You're screwed, that's a given. But I'd want to know how you guys would describe Death if he/she was a human. Anything works. They could be a buff gentleman with a piercing gaze, a loli with glasses, an older oneesan... whatever. I might take some ideas from here.
  10. Leficios

    Underrated Sauces

    So I looked inside the freezer earlier today, and found that we had a few packages of fries left. I figured I could make some the day after tomorrow. But that's not the question here. I want to know, other than the popular sauces that people normally use, like ketchup and mayonnaise, what are...
  11. Leficios


    Ever since I could remember, I would always take an afternoon nap at around an hour after lunch. I still do the same when I can, as I've found that it helps me re-energize for the rest of the day and work without issue. Do people take siestas, or is it just me?
  12. Leficios

    Anybody got Inner Monologue?

    So I learned something from Twitter today. I know, that's rare. Apparently 30-50% of people have an inner monologue narrating their thoughts throughout the day. I don't think I have one, at least. We often write our characters with this trait most of the time, so I was wondering how it...
  13. Leficios

    Last Names/Surnames

    So around a few chapters into my story, my MC had devised a plan to get noticed by the King of Fahndra, the country he was in. It was to become an adventurer, possibly assist when certain areas were in danger, and all in all just improving his reputation. The MC planned on becoming an...
  14. Leficios

    Writing Structuring Loss Arc

    So at the start of my story I already dropped a guaranteed death flag for one of my characters. One who hasn't been introduced yet, at least. Well, even if this character's death is already confirmed to happen at some point in the story, I still at least want to induce sadness into the reader...
  15. Leficios

    Chess For The Female Lead

    I've decided to model my Female Lead on the girl in my profile picture. Just like how she's playing chess, I'm gonna make her character a prodigy in it. So any chess players or people who've wrote about it in their stories mind helping me out?
  16. Leficios

    Wtf is the checkmark

    From the time I've been here I still don't know what the fuck the checkmark does. I can make it go to other chapters though...
  17. Leficios

    Sites For New Stuff

    When I first got into reading stories online I started at novelupdates. Soon I went to Webnovel and all those other sites. Now I'm all out and can't find anything that interests me on those sites. So I was wondering what people use to find new stories?
  18. Leficios

    Link in word

    So yes, make fun of me. I'm like a boomer in a fourteen year old's body. I need to know though. How does everyone add a link into the words in their signatures? Like if I tap (udhwhsh) then it'll take me to their stories. Again, laugh at me.
  19. Leficios

    Emojis/Blobs are ghosts

    Oh dear... it's like I'm staring at some ghosts everytime I try to use one. And it's even weirder that the only one with normal eyes is the one holding the axe :blob_thor:
  20. Leficios

    Fanfics On This Site

    Was feeling a bit of an urge to read some fanfics. The ones I found using the search bar weren't to my taste. Anybody mind linking their favorite ones on this site?