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  1. BlackKnightX

    I wrote a folk tale!

    Beautifully written. I love this writing style so much. It just gives off the warmth and intimacy of telling a story around a campfire. It’s outdated, yes, but I love it. Well done~ 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻
  2. BlackKnightX

    Have you felt empty?

    I have, yes, but only after I finish watching or reading something.
  3. BlackKnightX

    Satanist All-girls School

    Lots of fucking, perhaps? That seems to be the cardinal sin, or maybe I’m just dirty-minded~ 😝
  4. BlackKnightX


    Reminds me of a K-drama called W.
  5. BlackKnightX

    You people are awesome

    Nah. It will all winds up to the same problem: who gets to have the Magical Dick?
  6. BlackKnightX

    You people are awesome

    Drop dead~! lol
  7. BlackKnightX

    You people are awesome

    I wish you and I could genderbend together~ lol Cheers! 🍻
  8. BlackKnightX

    You people are awesome

    In these past few months, I’ve been away from this site, spending my time reading any “serious literature“ I could find in hope of leaning something valuable about writing. Did I do it? Hell, I did. I did learn a lot about what the serious and professional writing looks like—with a bit of a mild...
  9. BlackKnightX

    Have you ever summoned a demon while writing?

    Nah, I prefer to be the said demon while writing. A demon with the Power of Author. What an absolutely terrifying fucking creature I am~
  10. BlackKnightX

    Where can I find SAO fanfics?

    Just search “SAO fanfics” on Google. Gosh, I bet there are millions of them.
  11. BlackKnightX

    A cool way to differentiate telephatic or robotic dialogue from regular spoken dialogue?

    I would just write a description or two about how the dialogue sounds like, but nothing wrong with getting a little more creative. One thing to keep in mind, though: do whatever you want as long as it’s consistent and not confusing.
  12. BlackKnightX


    Extremely important.
  13. BlackKnightX

    Awkward moment in writting

    Skimming time.
  14. BlackKnightX

    Have You Realized...

    I often think about that, and it makes everything—problem or no problem—becomes insignificant.
  15. BlackKnightX

    What makes a novel a novel?

    So, by your definition, if the average guy fucks his own shoe, it’s not considered a novel anymore, then? Cuz I think I’ve heard about some guy fucking his own shoe before~ lol
  16. BlackKnightX

    What makes a novel a novel?

    No, it usually me saying it to the story I’m reading~ lol Pacing is a bitch, you can say that. It’s not one specific thing. Like you said, sometimes writing descriptions to “paint the picture” is what considered getting to the point, but if done too much it can feel dragged as well. Same goes...
  17. BlackKnightX

    What makes a novel a novel?

    What, in your own opinion, makes a novel a novel? Also, what is a story? Like, if I info-dump something, is that considered telling a story? When we talk about “Keep the story moving” or “Get to the fucking point already!” what do we really mean by that? Are we talking about scenes? Actions...
  18. BlackKnightX

    Am I the only one who is aware of these things?

    1. Of course, a rapist or a murderer has every right to say, “I’m a human, and I can make mistakes.” Of course, they can say that. Though, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to face any consequences. Everyone makes mistakes and has to face the consequences—in some form or the others. You...
  19. BlackKnightX

    Pushing the definition of Tea.