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  1. BearlyAlive

    A path of a story, how do I continue?

    My idea would be to let MC "lose" the first arc resulting in a backstory and a motivation for the adventuring part. Maybe foreshadow a few later plot twists or important characters here and there, set the mood and tone for the story. Maybe MC had a plan for losing the power chess, maybe he...
  2. BearlyAlive

    Reborn as a villainess cliches or tropes that should be explored/questioned

    Stories where the girl doesn't just do a 1080 the moment she notices the the timeslip/whatever. In most cases she just goes miracously from "I'll kill that bitch and her harem of manwhores" at her first end to "I dun wrong. I be gud. No me killing/exiling!!!" the moment she wakes up...
  3. BearlyAlive

    I am disgusted

    When you want to show her but get shown instead. ... Okay, no need for pitchforks, I'll leave at my own accord. Seriously. NO pitchforks!
  4. BearlyAlive

    Have you felt empty?

    Wait, you guys/gals need external stimulation to feel empty? Amateurs!
  5. BearlyAlive

    What would you do if you had to take care of a dying child

    What's with all the edge? Are we at RR now? I'd try to treat them like everybody else. Might be the best or worst you could do to them. (I know I'd be some melodramatic bitch about it, tho)
  6. BearlyAlive

    Adventurer guilds in fantasy

    An organization that has almost all of the worlds most powerful people? Maybe a bit more than being a temp agency. I mean they could effectively take over the world without any problems and yet in most stories they just exist for MCs
  7. BearlyAlive

    Why We Breathe Oxygen?

    Breathing is deadly. 100% of the people breathing die
  8. BearlyAlive

    Would you live in LITRPG tower world

    depends on the world. The SAO style bullshit? Nope, too risky and/or boring. Ar Tonelico style world, which is almost the same but with multiple towers (ok, 3) in a post-apocalyptic setting, song magic and alien androids? Hell yeah.
  9. BearlyAlive

    How do I write a character who’s really smart

    Either make them some sperging autist that talks in sci-fi or (the bad way) or show them being smarter or wiser than some other characters (the better way of showing they're smart). Show them sherlocking their way out of a difficult place/situation, them playing 8D-chess and totally controlling...
  10. BearlyAlive

    “War is progress, peace is stagnation”

    As proven by the arguments that started here: War is NOT progress. Progress that isn't bigger death-sticks is only made in peaceful times before or after impending wars. Now if you would say "fear is progress" then I'd totally agree. At least for our species of tech-monkee
  11. BearlyAlive

    Adventurer guilds in fantasy

    A global organisation that just exists for the sake of the people, foregoing any kind of influence it could have? Yeah, no. In most stories they just exist for MC to flex and or getting a cheap ID.
  12. BearlyAlive

    Your opinion on the Over Abundance of Isekai?

    Braindead. There were a few good to acceptable ones before the isekai genre became a genre. But the current ones? Overlord's just a cartoon villain succeeding, slime's a mix of kingdom building and classic fantasy, spider's a brainchild of .hack and NGE. They all'd work as well without Isekai...
  13. BearlyAlive

    Poll: Have You Been Rejected?

    Or did your humanity reject you? 🤔 Anyway: Yes, but no. so actually maybe.
  14. BearlyAlive

    What do you do when it feels like your story's hit a roadblock?

    If the already mentioned ones don't work, just cheat and change the PoV until you're at the point you want your characters to be
  15. BearlyAlive

    Scribblehub! GB! Competition!

    I don't think I'll try to act like someone else. Most of the time it's already too much of a hassle to act like myself. Chips?
  16. BearlyAlive

    How OP should a protagonist be?

    As strong as needed for the story but as weak as possible while you're at it. Otherwise we end up with Dragonball Z scaling where the power level is measured in how many multiverses said character can destroy in 0.00000000000000001% of a nanosecond. The weakness can also be expressed in...
  17. BearlyAlive

    Poll: Are You A Morning Person?

    Where's the "Who dares to disturb my slumber?" option? If looks could kill I'd be a serial murder until I get my coffee...
  18. BearlyAlive

    Fantasy Readers, how much is worldbuilding important for you?

    I voted "a bit" since I don't tend to care about bad or boring worldbuilding unless it makes no sense or is just there to glorify something/someone or takes too much time and focus away from the plot. Like how in most of those chinese novels 99% of the world just seems to exist for the MC to...
  19. BearlyAlive

    What’s the name of your secret organization

    Schadenfreude. I just love the word
  20. BearlyAlive

    Poll: Is it Cannibalism if You Eat a Mermaid?

    Depends. Do you eat the human part or the fish part? If fish then you're safe. Eating the human part in a non-sexual way sends you right down the psycho-lane