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    What do you think?

    Though to be fair: the decisions in those companies aren't made by game designers or developers, but by businessmen. So their goal isn't to improve the overall genre or the games, but rather to see the gamers as wallets and get as much money out of them. So DLCs, lootboxes, "games as service"...
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    “War is progress, peace is stagnation”

    I would disagree with that. Not only because there is rarely stagnation in peace, the driving factor behind progress also isn't war. It's gains. In the past, wars gave people a lot to gain hence they also invested a lot. Especially in the big wars, winning meant a lot of land, ressources, or...
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    Learnt new words

    Rinderkennzeichnungsfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz. *laughsingerman*
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    Looking for Artist Looking For Someone To Add Name Text Into My Artwork

    There isn't one style, but based on the artist/genre it looks like this:
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    Can readers feel the obvious improvement in quality of writing from an author as they continue on reading?

    That's true. But let me give you a more serious answer: The fact that improvements are less obvious to readers is the timeframe. Bad chapters that fall off the cliff are a big step down. (They "fall" down after all.) Positive improvements, especially over the course of a long-running series...
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    How do you make a couple break up?

    Sleep with one of them. (That said. The point above is important: doing this stuff will make your characters really unlikable. So yeah, better not let your MC do that stuff.)
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    Can readers feel the obvious improvement in quality of writing from an author as they continue on reading?

    They sure as hell feel it when you fall off a cliff... So the opposite should be also true :D
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    My story' is pirated

    Congratulations! =)
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    Repay Kindness With The Hatred

    Welcome to the Internet...
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    Honeyfeed contest

    Yeah, it is a popularity contest. Though this year, there seems to be a judging panel as well. Interesting to see how that might turn out... They run the contest in the hope to get some piece of the MAL community to stay as readers as their user is still rather small and stories outside of the...
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    Honeyfeed contest

    AFAIK they created their own publishing agency that was meant to represent the winners and get one door into the foot to japan. At least there was no big announcement about any manga created or any real connection... That said, there was no promise to get a manga anyway so I would guess that...
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    AI Covers

    Had to do some weird ML/AI stuff for work and we arrived at the idea of generated covers. And luckily the internet has already done it: Be amazed of my new cover (The Lone Macaw): So time to go over the trending list (they are clearly doing something wrong...
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    My novel covers keep disappearing

    Discord isn't a hoster and they have the rights to remove stuff at any time for no reasons. And they'll do that in certain situations just to save money. Just use an imagehoster like imgur.
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    How do you guys go about changing character names ? I want to rename some characters but i m torn .

    Just drop that story, delete it, wait for a month and re-publish it in a month with new names. And you just gained a massive backlog :D
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    Anime Big Three

    There are no "Big 3" anymore. And it's stupid that people try to do this based on likes/dislikes. The Big 3 are long-running series who dominated the anime industry and opened the door to the west. We don't have that situation right now and we also don't have such long-running series anymore...
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    Giving extras names

    Depends. My named characters are those who will fulfill some role in the story. Even if it is just to die after 5 chapters. Those who appear and disappear don't have a name, though they are normally background characters anyway and don't have any big impact. Instead, I try to focus the impact on...
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    I offer free feedback. (Closed)

    I mean why not? :D More feedback is always welcome =)
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    Writing [Tutorial] Plot Devices: Deus Ex Machina, Chekhov's Gun & Foreshadowing

    I would want for them to be more precise :blob_cookie: Honestly, one of the reasons I like Story Grid so much is that - despite things I agree or disagree with - they start with the goal of creating a common language for writers first so that every term is clear. If your definition is different...
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    Writing [Tutorial] Plot Devices: Deus Ex Machina, Chekhov's Gun & Foreshadowing

    But Murphy's Law isn't about stuff being unpredictable. Murphy's Law simply states that things that can go wrong will go wrong. So in it's core it's rather predictable. In fact, the reason it is predictable is why it is used in modern programming and algorithm design. My big problem with this...
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    The word you looked for is not "moan" but "groan" :s_wink: