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  1. BlackKnightX

    You people are awesome

    In these past few months, I’ve been away from this site, spending my time reading any “serious literature“ I could find in hope of leaning something valuable about writing. Did I do it? Hell, I did. I did learn a lot about what the serious and professional writing looks like—with a bit of a mild...
  2. BlackKnightX

    What makes a novel a novel?

    What, in your own opinion, makes a novel a novel? Also, what is a story? Like, if I info-dump something, is that considered telling a story? When we talk about “Keep the story moving” or “Get to the fucking point already!” what do we really mean by that? Are we talking about scenes? Actions...
  3. BlackKnightX

    Let’s play a game!

    I think you all are already familiar with this game. First, I’ll give you a starting sentence, and then you write another and on and on until we have a story. Alright, I’m gonna start with: “Sam couldn’t fall asleep. The rain was pouring hard outside, making a cozy noise that sounded like a...
  4. BlackKnightX

    I have a very serious question for all of you.

    Ahem… here’s my question: what’s your secret fetish? (Fetish: a sexual interest in an object or a part of the body other than the sexual organs.) Please give me a serious answer. Thank you.
  5. BlackKnightX

    Fast-paced or slow-paced?

    Which one do you prefer: a fast-paced story or a slow-paced story? I know there’s no definite answer to this question because it’s more like a spectrum. If the story moves too fast, it may risk being shallow and exhaust you; if the story moves too slow, it runs a huge risk of boring you to...
  6. BlackKnightX

    To all the pantsers residing within this degenerates’ lair, have you ever had a moment when you “just write” and end up completing the entire story?

    When you search for writing advice on the internet, you’ll most likely come across this one: just write. For many, it makes sense. The message seems to be, “Stop looking for advice or any excuses not to write; just type the damn words and go on with it!” Yes, it does make sense. If you write...
  7. BlackKnightX

    Recommendations Do you know any books that give off oral-storytelling vibes?

    I always love stories, especially oral ones. When we tell each other stories in real life, we just build an instant connection, and it always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. I just love the vibe of sitting by a campfire, looking each other in the eyes, and recounting our tales. It’s a...
  8. BlackKnightX

    Name the most badass protagonists you’ve ever known.

    For me: Kazami Yuuji, Accelerator, Hakuto Kunai, Revy, Alucard, Shiba Tatsuya, Doraemon (say what you want; he’s my childhood hero!).
  9. BlackKnightX

    How many chapters do you have in stock ahead of the regular schedule?

    For those of you who monetize through Patreon, how many chapters do you have in stock before the regular updating schedule? Let’s say, if you set the price on Patreon as 10$ per 20 advanced chapters, do you always have to keep the stock in that amount or more? What if something urgent suddenly...
  10. BlackKnightX

    Do you have a movie playing out in your head when writing a story?

    There are many ways to tell a story. For me, my first and natural instinct will always be visualizing or imagining the movie scene in my head and then writing it down—or telling it with an engaging voice. “Watch the movie in my head and tell the story,” that’s the best way to describe how I...
  11. BlackKnightX

    Tell me the reasons why you drop a story.

    For me, the reasons vary, but here goes: - Boring character: a character that’s too passive, too wimpy, too much of a loser—or a character at the other end of the spectrum; too cold, too edgy, too evil. (Just give me a decent human being with likable personality, confidence, and charm. I’ll dig...
  12. BlackKnightX

    The difference between magic users

    What’s the difference between the magician, the mage, the wizard, the witch, the sorcerer, the sorceress, and the warlock?
  13. BlackKnightX

    What do you think about head-hopping?

    Head-hopping is considered bad in the writing community, but there seems to be a lot of them in web novels. I can argue that those stories are written in omniscient POV, but it’s still head-hopping. Now, let’s look at why it’s considered bad. Without getting into too much theory and bullshit...
  14. BlackKnightX

    What if a yandere is in love with another yandere?

    That would be kind of fun~ Is there a story like that already?
  15. BlackKnightX

    Did you sign a copyright of your novels?

    Well, did you? Why? How? Thanks in advance~ 🙏🏻
  16. BlackKnightX

    Have you ever tried writing backward before?

    I’ve seen this technique of writing for quite sometime now, and now that I’ve seen it again, I still think it’s fascinating. Writing backward is usually used to plot the mystery novel or something like that. It’s technically deciding who the killer is, and what methods he uses first before start...
  17. BlackKnightX

    What got you into reading novels?

    When I was a kid, I wasn’t that much of a novel reader. I read of course—a lot, actually—but mostly comic books and mangas. I didn’t like the look of novel at all. When I saw the blocks of text on each page, I was terrified. It somehow reminded me of the school textbooks—yes, those crazy little...
  18. BlackKnightX

    Why do I feel like the more descriptive the story, the harder it is to visualize?

    I love simple and conversational writing style. That’s why I love reading light novels and web novels more than traditional novels. The styles are vastly different. The traditional novels are usually more descriptive and enriched in more details, while light novels and web novels usually have...
  19. BlackKnightX

    What kind of writing styles do you adore the most?

    I’m obsessed with different writing styles, or rather, different ways each authors tell their stories. Some tell a story in a rather spin-you-a-yarn kind of way—like Stephen King, for example. Reading his books is like listening to your uncle telling you his story in front of a fireplace in...
  20. BlackKnightX

    Recommendations Any novel/movie/anime with a witty as hell mc?

    So, someone like Tony Stark for example. We all know he’s witty as hell, and cool af. Oh, and there’s also this fourth wall breaker—Deadpool. He’s very witty as well. So please recommend me some novel, movie, or anime with such an mc. Pretty please~ Thanks in advance~ 🙏🏻