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  1. skillet

    Resolved Glitch in the comment section?

    Hello! (Is this where to report this??) Not sure if this is just a random glitch, but the comment section in my most recent chapter looks kinda strange...? (I also checked on my phone, and it appears similarly there!) edit: it looks like it was fixed!! Thank you sm!! :DD
  2. skillet

    Recommendations slice of life LitRPG recommendations for non-fighting classes, please!

    This may sound weird, but I've always wanted to play in an rpg game (even better if mmorpg) where I can choose a class that'll make me like an npc so I can give people quests or just peacefully take care of eggs in my chicken farm, or become the best tailor in town while other people fight...
  3. skillet

    Your Almost-Titles

    Iiiit's procrastination time, everyone! :DD Just for fun: What were your almost-titles of your current works? By which I mean, what were your "working titles", or the first title(s) that you came up with but ended up changing? (Like how Gone With the Wind's working (original) title was "Baa Baa...
  4. skillet

    Willing to Edit!

    Heya folks! I'm bent on procrastinating on the 87 things I have to do this week and am willing to edit (as in, check/fix your grammar for you) whatever works ya got for free. Say goodbye to subject-verb disagreements and sentence fragments! Say hello to correctly comma-fied (?) compound...
  5. skillet

    Best Piece of (Writing) Advice Ever Gotten

    Hi people! :D Don't know if anyone has done this kind of thread already but... Just for fun, what is the best piece of writing advice you got that you actually benefited from? It doesn't even have to be advice given for the act of writing; it can be just advice in general that you applied to...
  6. skillet

    Recommendations for "clean" romances?

    Hello hello! I'm looking for some good clean romances to read on SH that is not harem? And by clean I mean like nothing rated R,, i.e. rape, porn-heavy, incest, etc. etc. that might make you think ooh would be awkward seeing my little sister reading that, if you know what I mean. I'm okay with...
  7. skillet

    Starring chapters feature?

    Hello! Don't know if anyone has ever requested this before, but I was wondering if a feature for starring chapters within a story would be possible. As in, I particularly like a chapter I've just read and know I'd love to come back and reread it just for the sake of it. (Am I the only one who...