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  1. DominaterRaider

    Is it me or does sitting in the dark feel great!

    It feels relieving to just sit in a dark room, I don't have the time to do it but like that one time and it just feels right. I wonder if others feel the same or if I am just the oddball.
  2. DominaterRaider

    I made a story I always wanted to see turned into a show

    Do you think it would ever be a good show or even a show at all? I made it because I got bored of waiting for others to make it so I did it myself.
  3. DominaterRaider

    Does anyone else start cleaning or working out when they are angry or stressed.

    I have been through some stressful things in my life, but nothing more infuriating than not being able to do anything about it. So I just work out or clean also write.
  4. DominaterRaider

    New genre!! Next is, ROCK!

  5. DominaterRaider

    What type of fantasy would you want to live in

    If you were born in a fantasy world, what type would you want to live in. I mean what would the world have in it that would make it fantasy.
  6. DominaterRaider

    New Music, or I mean oldie but goodie

    I wonder how many people like oldies on this website. Oh well, I am just going to throw my recommendation and see.
  7. DominaterRaider

    How do you feel about Wattpad?

    I for one like the website, but the exposure to new books is nonexistent. I have had some of my books on the website a lot longer than I had it on scribble hub and still, I get a ton more readers than Wattpad. Well in all that is my experience, I enjoy it but it is hard to get readers.
  8. DominaterRaider

    what is the difference between edgy and just plain dark.

    I have a character who kills and experiments for the greater good, he doesn't relish the idea of killing. Just thinks of it as a job, but his theories are a little cruel. Does that make him edgy? He is a bit emotionless when it comes to killing, putting on a fake personality to get closer to his...
  9. DominaterRaider

    Question: What the heck is an Esper and is it like superheroes

    Is it power or a different word for supers?
  10. DominaterRaider

    I got an amazing song I want to share with everyone

    Also if you want to share some music, put it down below It is by the phantoms: Welcome to the end of the world A song for all those heavy metal fans
  11. DominaterRaider

    Does anyone else use a depressing song to get themselves to write a sad part

    I don't really have trouble writing sad parts but this type of song really helps
  12. DominaterRaider

    How does everyone feel about Webnovel and how they treat their authors

    I got a deal but I always had this feeling about them that I can't shake.
  13. DominaterRaider

    I have a small first chapter going, I like how dark it is but does anyone else feel the same when reading it It is based in the Roman era but fantasy and magic are in the mix.
  14. DominaterRaider

    Would love feedback for my short story

    it is a slice of life in a fantasy world.
  15. DominaterRaider


    I am just spitballing ideas, if you want to join in, it is fine by me. An undead, climbing out of the earth, with no idea who he is or why he came back. Two others pop out of the ground, a zombie dog and a woman who was recently buried. His right face has been eaten away while the other side...
  16. DominaterRaider

    Are you into fiction or a non fiction and why

    I read books to create worlds, I love making worlds that would be impossible in ours. So I lean more on fiction.