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  1. Lloyd

    The return of the king.

    I am here to announce my return to writing. Grab your popcorn. This next chapter is going to be good. Special thanks go out to my beta reader @Zirrboy Also I'm looking for 1 new beta reader if anyone is interested.
  2. Lloyd

    Looking for 2 new authors for Pen Slam 2!

    Scribblehub's greatest invite only writing contest, Pen Slam, is getting a sequel this June. For the first time EVER we are looking for 2, count'em, 2 new authors to join the competition. If you are interested let me know. Thanks.
  3. Lloyd

    Ilikewaterkusa vs Lloyd Pen-Slam Event

    To finally decide who is the greatest writer on SH I held my own private invite only contest, colloquially known as Pen-Slam. I am here to announce the winner, of the first ever Pen-Slam event, is @Ilikewaterkusa. It was a hard fought competition and I was sure I would win, but @Ilikewaterkusa...
  4. Lloyd

    Favorite Canceled Media.

    What is your favorite canceled media? For me its the manga aposimz. It started out rough, but was getting really interesting. Then it was cancelled due to poor sales and had a rushed ending. RIP
  5. Lloyd

    Someone made a new account just to give me a 2 star review.

    RIP. My days of having 4.8 stars are long gone. But don't worry about me. This has only fueled my desire to prove the haters wrong once again! New chapters coming soon.
  6. Lloyd

    I hereby declare victory against the haters.

    I won. It's that simple. Cope and seethe. In a way the haters are my biggest fans. The opposite of love isn't hate but indifference after all.
  7. Lloyd

    People are suddenly leaving me 1 stars!

    RIP. Now I feel sad. 😢
  8. Lloyd

    The Street Writer is awful

    Are there any real writer competitions out there? These prompts were some of the cringest things I've seen in a long time.
  9. Lloyd

    Let's Write An Isekak Together.

    We each take turns in this thread writing the Isekai a little bit at a time. Instead of a single sentence at a time, you can write up to one paragraph or up to 5 lines of dialog, just to speed things up. I'll start. Little timmy was an average ordinary boy, except for one thing, he was a gamer...
  10. Lloyd

    I am finally writing consistently again!

    I'm back baby. New chapter dropping tonight and hopefully I will finish another chapter tomorrow. Special thanks to my editor @Zirrboy
  11. Lloyd

    What are your inspirations for writing?

    I know this question has been asked before, but the forums are kinda dead right now. I'll start with my biggest inspirations for my current work - Jobless Reincarnation I used to hate on Isekai manga and anime before, but when I saw the love and craftsmanship put into the anime, it changed my...
  12. Lloyd

    Isekai enjoyers, please check out my story!

    I have been working on a kingdom building isekai with a lot of LitRPG elements. If you are interested in that sort of thing, please give it a read.
  13. Lloyd

    What do you think of Elden Ring?

    Wondering what you guys think of the game. Also do you have any good stories? I cannot play for awhile because I am giving up games for lent and I want to live vicariously through you.
  14. Lloyd

    Cool Class Ideas

    My LitRPG / Isekai has classes in the style of early final fantasy / tactics. I was wondering if you guys had any cool class ideas. For Example - Bog Witch - Dex/Int Class, focus on debuff spells and debilitating archery Swiftblade - Dex/Str Class, focus on extremely fast attacks and evasion...
  15. Lloyd


    I am still angry about the Attack on Titan ending even though it has almost been a year since the manga's ending. Now with the anime ending coming up I still feel just as angry. I loved Eren. He was my personal hero. I grew out my hair to look more like him (actually true not irony). Now every...
  16. Lloyd

    Why do so many people hate on isekai?

    It is clearly the best genre currently. It provides the perfect form of escapism as the real world gets progressively shittier. It really cuts out a lot of the fat of general fantasy stories and really gets straight to what people want the most, a self insert MC with ultimate power. And of...
  17. Lloyd

    Has anyone become a full time writer?

    I was wondering how feasible becoming a full time writer is.
  18. Lloyd

    My next goal

    I have finally reached 100 readers, which has been my main goal for awhile. What should my next goal be? What should I shoot for?
  19. Lloyd

    Isekai Enjoyers, I need your help.

    I have reached 96 readers as of posting this. Please give my novel a try and help me reach 100. If you like Isekai and LitRPG then you will probably enjoy. There is a kingdom building element, dungeons(which haven't really come up much yet), and large scale strategic battles(small scale early...