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  1. Drakonus

    Should I Merge These Chapters?

    Back in December 2020, I started writing a new series. On that series, I wrote 2 parts for each chapters, because I was a slow writer(I'm still a slow writer even rn lol). Here's the thing, I stopped writing on the second chapter's part 2 because I suddenly got busy irl, and I ended up not...
  2. Drakonus

    The Chicken or the Egg, Which Came First?

    Personally, I think this question is very stupid. Nothing came first. It all happened over the course of millions of years. Evolution turned the not-chicken into the chicken over the course of millions of years. There's no egg or chicken that came first, because genetically, at what point did...
  3. Drakonus

    A Recommendations Section Like in NovelUpdates

    I really like the recommendations section on NU where you can recommend other readers to read novels that are similar and good, or maybe even better. Can we please have this in SH too?
  4. Drakonus

    Unreal Engine 5

    I honestly think that people should care more about this engine. A few days ago, they released the early access version of the software and a demo of it on their YT channel, it was mind-blowing. Holy shit, we're actually in the future! I can't believe how photo-realistic it looks. And it's not...
  5. Drakonus

    What If Our Universe Is an Atom?

    I had a shower thought today, and boy was it mind-blowing. What if our universe is an atom of a larger universe? Even crazier, what if our universe is a quark? Or even a preon of a larger universe? Isn't it crazy how sub-atomic particles have this empty distance between each other? Empty...
  6. Drakonus

    YouTube or Twitch?

    Which do you prefer to watch, gaming YouTubers or Twitch streamers? What's your favorite gaming YouTuber/Twitch streamer?
  7. Drakonus

    The Age Old Question

    Hehehehe, I hope this would create chaos.
  8. Drakonus

    Is It Normal to Hate Math When You’re an Aspiring Programmer?

    I just finished graduating high school and am currently applying for a Computer Science bachelor's degree, but I hate the fact that you have to also seriously study math. I know how to program Python, even if it's just the basics of the basics. I can do basic calculations of math and also simple...
  9. Drakonus

    Rock, Paper, Scissors

    The option that you've voted will go against the option that has the most votes. And for that, it needs at least 3 votes to actually start the game. I'll sacrifice myself to be the first vote.
  10. Drakonus

    Weird Flex

    Flex your weirdest skills. It can be anything. This is just a thread for people who want to flex their weird skills. Starting with me, I am double-jointed, so I can do many things that normal people can't do, such as rotating both of my arms for 360°.
  11. Drakonus

    An Underrated Section

    So far, the only way for underrated novels to get more attention is by updating frequently and consistently, which some authors can't do. We need a front page section where underrated novels get more attention. Trending and latest novels already got one on the front page, so why not underrated...
  12. Drakonus

    Terraria Preference

    I'm curious.
  13. Drakonus

    Writing Any tips on how to write an easily understandable explanation for certain scientific topics?

    I'm writing a sci-fi mixed with isekai fantasy, it'll have a lot of real science and sci-fi. Does anyone have any tips with the science explanation?
  14. Drakonus

    How do you feel about people giving your story a bad rating for no apparent reason?

    Example: You just posted the first chapter of a new story, and then someone instantly gave it 1 to 3 stars for no apparent reason. You check the grammar, and there's nothing seemingly wrong with it.
  15. Drakonus

    Should I continue writing a story that's been left in the dust for a month or so?

    I've written this story for around 2 months, but I stopped writing it. It's currently been a month or so since I've stopped writing it. There were many factors, I'm just gonna talk about the 3 biggest ones. One of them was that I didn't like the way I wrote the beginning chapters, I thought that...
  16. Drakonus

    Any insecurities you authors have about your novels?

    It can be anything, i.e., not having decent grammar, bad word choice, and etc. I for sure have a lot, but my most prominent insecurity of my novel is amateurish writing. So I'm a bit curious if other authors have any.
  17. Drakonus

    Give me some motivational feedback on how to improve my story.

    Anyways, here's my novel:
  18. Drakonus

    Is it normal for readers to not favourite your chapter?

    Hi, I'm quite new around here. But I've been wondering, I have a novel, and it's reached around 600 chapter views overall. But so far, only one person has favourited a chapter of mine. Other than that one person, I favourite my own chapters(Yes, it's kinda pathetic). So I'm wondering if it's the...
  19. Drakonus

    Resolved Help, I can't update my profile(not the forum one, but the author one).

    It always says "URL is invalid" and I don't know how to fix it.