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  1. Not_A_Symphony


    Something is wierd. When I check the trending on the first page some minutes after they switch from the past day, I see several novels listed, however, wierdly enough, some time after they are either fully removed from the list or downgraded several positions (not ending on the first page)...
  2. Not_A_Symphony

    Patreon Tips

    So I thought about creating a Patreon in case any of my writters would like to support me in a more personal level. I am pretty new at the platform so I'm still figuring things out. Some Questions: One of my rewards is to be able to read a certain ammount of chapters before the free releases...
  3. Not_A_Symphony

    Hit me with your best pun

    Maybe I am the only one but I LOVE puns. They are so bad they become good. So I want to hear your best/worst pun! I'll start: "What do you call a hill that's funny? Hill-arious!" :blob_hide::blob_hide::blob_hide:
  4. Not_A_Symphony

    How to address different skin tones when writting

    Hello everyone! So I was writting and I came into a "small bump in the road." In my novel, the majority of the population is "White/Caucasian" however, I do want to implement other types of characters from other countries who have different types of skin and characteristics. My problem is, I...
  5. Not_A_Symphony

    Feedback on Other Platforms

    I don't know if I am allowed to talk about this here but if I am not, dear mods/admins let me know! For now, here it goes! I've been posting my story in ScribbleHub however I decided to post it as well on some other platforms. Some time ago I got a contract opportunity offered by GoodNovel and...
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    Art Struggles

    So today I was chatting with a friend and he asked me how I felt when I was drawing art. I told him I was always frustrated because I imagined the art in a certain way but then when I finished the work it would become way different than what I had imagined due to my lack of skill. And so... I...
  7. Not_A_Symphony

    I didn't post a new chapter and my novel went to trending?

    Hey everyone, so I woke up from my deep slumber and realized that my novel had reached #5 in trending on the website but I only post a chapter on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Today is Monday so I didn't do any updates. I didn't particularly get a lot of comments or likes on the chapter itself so I...