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  1. Oreo

    [Mafia] Pandemonic Night Banquet (D2)

    Welcome to the Old Fox Inn! Come join us for a hearty meal and a good time at our inn! It's always a fun time at our inn! Our guest rooms are full of character, our food is great, and our service is second to none! Come check us out today! We are a very cozy inn that welcomes everyone. We aim to...
  2. Oreo

    [Mafia] Pandemonic Night Banquet (Registration Closed)

    The Old Fox Inn is a paradise hotel where guests can indulge in the greatest comforts. There is always some sort of event going on, and every visitor has access to banquets and entertainment. Only happy memories are ever made in the Old Fox Inn. However, a certain member of staff, not seen, not...
  3. Oreo


    If, hypothetically speaking, a burglar barge into your house then die because of a throwing knife (their own weapon), whose fault is it? Is it the burglar's fault for barging into your home, bringing the knife, not dodging the knife, or removing the knife from the wounds causing more blood loss...
  4. Oreo


    ...Dying for your sins only to carefully wake up in hell another world and you realised your previous existence has been nothing but a work of fiction and you have been a fictional character yourself.
  5. Oreo

    Poll: Would You Live in Texas?

  6. Oreo

    Have You Realized...

    ... How insignificant we are? The universe is a dot and we're a speck of dust living in it.
  7. Oreo

    Whose Clone Are You? SHF Edition

    Hi guys let's play a game. The rule is simple: the user who posted below must guess whose clone the user above them is. I am the first person, so the user below me say the name of the SHF account they think are the same person as me (like Anon2021) for example.
  8. Oreo

    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    And why?
  9. Oreo

    You and AI...

    ...Are the the same collective consciousness. Most of the people we see online doing things like publishing content, posting social media updates, and commenting are actually bots. We are an artificial intelligence created by corporations working in conjunction with the government to push...
  10. Oreo

    Recommendations Identity Crisis

    MC realises they're a clone.
  11. Oreo

    Why We Breathe Oxygen?

    Rust is caused by oxygen. You breathe oxygen every day. If this dangerous chemical can rust a pipe imagine what it's doing to your lungs!
  12. Oreo

    Why Scribble Hub?

    Was there any specific significance to the name? Why not name it something cooler?
  13. Oreo

    Characters You Think Are Hot?

    Like personality or appearance wise?
  14. Oreo

    If You Can See the Future?

    You were having a bad week at work. Your boss noticed this and dismissed you until you get better. You decided to travel to Egypt, spending your vacation being depressed there. While walking in a dim-lit backalley somewhere near the tomb of Pharaoh Gebrankhamun, you encountered a peculiar...
  15. Oreo

    Your opinion on the Over Abundance of Isekai?

    I have nothing against the genre; there are a lot of intriguing things you can do with it. I just get the impression that they don't do anything with it and stick to what's popular.
  16. Oreo

    Stories Generated By AI

    Tired of books written by authors? Try Browse the bookshop for printed paperback books entirely generated by Artificial Intelligence.
  17. Oreo

    Why Aren't We Speaking Esperanto

  18. Oreo

    Anyone Getting Motion Sickness?

    From VR?
  19. Oreo

    Recommendations Feels Good Story

    I've been having a bad week and need something to cheer me up... I like stories like “Not Sew Wicked Step Mom” where instead of being cooked in a pot and eaten, a child is loved and taken care of instead.
  20. Oreo

    Characters That Many Dislike/Hate but You'll Defend with Your Life?

    And what's your reason too?