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  1. Kitsura

    As a reader do you like to have the choice to impact a story's plot or it does it turn you off?

    While I can’t say I haven’t ever drawn inspiration from my readers. I can say that I chose to remain fiercely independent in my plotting. Only the author knows the whole story and readers only know partial context which make their suggestions flawed.
  2. Kitsura

    What is stopping you from writing more?

    A full-time job and also feel like my writing is worthless. I know it doesn't make that much sense even though, my main novel has 2.1k readers, but mean comments hurt, and I just went through a pretty painful book querying process recently. Still trying to move past it.
  3. Kitsura

    Do you have "theme" playlists when you write?

    Yes, mostly for fight scenes though
  4. Kitsura

    What are good books to help me write a competent guild master? I am thinking of reading "The Prince" and "Art of War".

    Don't bother reading the Prince if you want to learn politics, it's inaccessible for a layman and you will have to rely on secondary sources anyway. Also, it's highly contextual and not worth reading. Source: Trust me I have a degree and had to read it, for SEVERAL courses. If you want to...
  5. Kitsura

    Honeyfeed contest

    Looks like honeyfeed is doing a MAL contest again, does anyone know if the original winners of the past contest got their manga?
  6. Kitsura

    What is your opinion of

    The fake views are bots scrapers
  7. Kitsura

    Am I being targeted? (I might be tripping idk)

    While, I agree with this to some extent, it's going to be difficult to pretend like criticism doesn't hurt at. It still hurts to read bad reviews, and while I can get over them(I.E. not be butthurt about it.) they still dig into the pysche a little. Also there are the people who are overly...
  8. Kitsura

    What is the worst criticism you have received?

    Some people are just mean, I try not to think about it too much.
  9. Kitsura

    How do you do it???

    If motivated 6k words per day, if unmotivated around 1k
  10. Kitsura

    Tips and tricks for authors

    Pantsing is perfectly viable and acting like stories have to be completely planned out from the beginning is false.
  11. Kitsura

    Tips and tricks for authors

    Read more and write aggressively thus is the dao of writing
  12. Kitsura

    How much dialog is too much?

    Depends on the scene, if every scene is dialogue heavy then there’s something wrong, if it happens occasionally there’s nothing to be concerned about
  13. Kitsura

    Tea or coffee?

    Tea bc I’m a classy girl
  14. Kitsura

    How much did you pander to the audience?

    Since I write for myself, I pander myself when I want. I think reader impression of a story is very important. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish reader outrage because the story is enticing and an annoying event happened v.s. the story being bad. This is why following your own internal...
  15. Kitsura

    Branching out from popular tropes

    I have seen way too many authors come onto this forum thinking that there is some sort of magical formula for becoming popular. I've even responded to several threads of people who followed the "formula" to success and found that nobody wanted to read their work despite the fact that they had...
  16. Kitsura

    Today was a good day.

    Wrote 8K words of a new novel and also made a lovely cover for it. This is the most productive I've been in months.
  17. Kitsura

    Another Noob Post...

    Tbh Idk how I have a novel with 2k and another with 900, I didn't do much advertising, I just mostly wrote until my fingers fell off.
  18. Kitsura

    How to get your story known?

    write more, the only way to break through the crowd is an aggressive release schedule.
  19. Kitsura

    Writing as a Job

    Trying to find an agent and failing miserably.
  20. Kitsura

    [aggregator] and [aggregator] stealing work

    I don't even bother complaining about it anymore, I can't stop it anyway.