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  1. StarEis

    Recommendations long novels

    i once again ask for your recommendations in this boring day. i need novels with mostly: weak to strong (preferably) non-human (there aren't many good ones so not really) cultivation preferably. system novels are okey as well some level of iq, i don't want to read a mc with 0 iq going around...
  2. StarEis

    Recommendations need stuff to read

    i once again thirst for novels to read, recently caught up with world apocalypse online so i am looking for stuff similiar to it, stuff similiar to warlock of the magus world or supreme magus would be great too. any non humanoid mc novels are good. 100 percent looking for fantasy. give me...
  3. StarEis

    Recommendations Weak to strong, ANYTHING

    I have finished everything that pleased me but now there is nothing to read and I will have 4 day full of free time soon, I need recommendations. Weak to Strong because most of them are long, fast paced ones are appreciated too (mainly looking for this) System novels with a mc with accual brain...
  4. StarEis

    is it Litrpg or?

    So basicly i got a idea for the story i am writing there is a system but it isn't randomly give shit (i mean it does but those skill have some flaws) it records the abilities of the user and counts them as skill, meaning one can't randomly get fire magic without talent for it and some practice...