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  1. CarburetorThompson

    One of the worse back stories I have ever seen

    If you’ve ever see creepypasta fanfic you’d know this is really quite tame.
  2. CarburetorThompson

    Recommendations Looking for reversed gender role alternative role world novel

    I wrote a reversed gender roles fantasy story, but it’s on indefinite hiatus and I would not recommend. I’m proud of it, but it’s under ten chapters and I’m not picking back up any time soon.
  3. CarburetorThompson

    Writing Writing a terrorist group

    You won’t have to look far to find an abundance of inspiration
  4. CarburetorThompson

    how to nicely break up with someone

    Don’t know never got that far
  5. CarburetorThompson

    Age issue

    I was writing a romance story with an immortal character before I hiatus’d it into the shadow realm. I think as long as you are tasteful about it no one’s going to ask questions. No one really questioned anything about the twilight series.
  6. CarburetorThompson

    Do singers who don't write their own songs deserve fame? Does anyone deserve fame?

    There are musicians who are very corporate and have writers or buy songs, and some do It all themselves. Just different sides of the business. It doesn’t effect me so I can still enjoy whatever sounds good.
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    Which of these titles do you think would be best for my new novel?

    1. but only if it’s a western themed isekai about Native Americans
  8. CarburetorThompson

    Great Offline Games Right Now?

    Project wingman is fun and has great music
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    What did I do wrong?

    uploading a new story with a cover is always better than leaving it blank. The newly released section is where you will get the most traffic so having the default cover isn’t very good for standing out.
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    Recommend RPGs!

    RPG-7 is a must! One of the all time classics.
  11. CarburetorThompson

    Incentivize the creation of scribblehub accounts

    Only reasons to make SH account are to post a story, post on forums, or bookmark stories. The reader base who just jumps on the site to get off while reading the first 5 chapters of some generic smut isekai doesn’t really care about any of those.
  12. CarburetorThompson

    Solar colonization

    Agreed those whose souls are weighed down by gravity could not possibly understand
  13. CarburetorThompson

    I require a new tag please (Reversed-gender-roles)

    the site’s tags are based off of novel updates’ tags, so you may have better luck voicing your opinion there.
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    People thinking your profession is magic

    Oh so you’re the guy who makes the urinal cakes
  15. CarburetorThompson

    How often do you guys take breaks?

  16. CarburetorThompson

    Relatively new here and could use some help

    Write a short story, that’s what I did. My latest story is just a small scene set over only a few minutes. Some of my favorite stories are short works.
  17. CarburetorThompson

    Recommendations Web Novels you dislike!

    For smut wouldn’t that be a good thing?
  18. CarburetorThompson

    Editing What pronouns would you use in this situation?

    The official Team Fortress 2 blog will sometimes refer to the pyro as he/him or she/her just to fuck with fans. Although not sure if I’d recommend it.