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  1. Zinless

    The Second Tempest Contest

    There's one by DS Studio made to promote their artists: The tournament date has been delayed due to a "certain" problem in the organizers' country. It's nothing serious(I think) and they are planning on having a trial run soon.
  2. Zinless

    Quick! I need to find the most disturbing smut title on ScribbleHub currently with a link

    Saw that title in Novel Updates and went "wat"
  3. Zinless

    My Free Feedback Thread

    I didn't expect this much detail, thanks for the review! I will fix this on future chapters, and will edit the earlier chapters. Thank you! Maybe it would be better if I put the onomatopeia in a sentence to make it flow better? I also need to find better onomatopeia to use. I have no...
  4. Zinless

    My Free Feedback Thread I hope you can take a look at mine. I'm still a new writer, so I have a lot of issues to fix.
  5. Zinless

    I can predict whether your story will become popular or not

    I ask for your service, oh great Shaman.
  6. Zinless

    Recommend RPGs!

    Here's some of my recommendations! I've seen your "MY COMPLETED GAMES LIST" thread and realized that we have similar taste in games. So I'll recommend games that I like to you (That I didn't see in your list at least) Most of these are niche titles though. Might add more down the line...
  7. Zinless

    People thinking your profession is magic

    Sometimes I hate English... That's why I'm learning German instead! zwei Teige bitte!
  8. Zinless

    People thinking your profession is magic

    Done it before, accidentally though. Put two circular-shaped dough on a tray right underneath an oval-shaped one. The tray got tilted while I was lifting it and the three of them got stuck to each other, so I was forced to just put them in the oven. The result was surprisingly well crafted, you...
  9. Zinless

    People thinking your profession is magic

    Baker, people assume I carry bread everywhere I go for some reason. "You're a baker? Do you have any so I can try it?" "...Sir, we're in a public toilet"
  10. Zinless

    Anime OST grandmasters

    Go Shiina FTW! His music has a certain style to it that I just love! He does JRPGs more than Anime though.
  11. Zinless

    I did the thing.

    Considering this is SH, it would be more appropriate to say "Describe her giving birth" Not that I would read it but...
  12. Zinless

    Recommend RPGs!

    The Trails series, if you haven't played them yet. Starting with Trails in The Sky (or TiTS for short) is recommended. But if you prefer more recent stuff, Trails of Cold Steel is a good starting point, just make sure to play the rest of the series first before you start Cold Steel 3. Or you...
  13. Zinless

    Recommendations I'm bored, give me recommendations

    Try my story! It has almost all of the tags you prefer! I'm a new writer though, so you might not like it... And if you really don't like it, please tell me what you find wrong! Read it here \/
  14. Zinless

    Yet another free feedback thread.

    It's not the main draw though... Oh well, thanks for your time!
  15. Zinless

    VTuber with the Most Abstract Models?

    They don't have spiders in Sweden, only eldritch horrors.
  16. Zinless

    VTuber with the Most Abstract Models?

    Watch on your own risk.
  17. Zinless

    When will a new series be posted? Can I write drafts for it first?

    I'm planning on writing another series but won't publish it until I finished my other series. (Which I'm not planning on finishing soon, I've only just started after all) Now, my questions : - Will the new series be public if I only write drafts? - If I accidentally publish one chapter will it...
  18. Zinless

    I think abbreviating is cool and all, like mfw or brb, what are some misinterpreted abbreviations you’ve seen?

    Wait, MFW means "my face when"?! I know the W part, but I thought MF was something else...
  19. Zinless

    Help me rewrite my early chapters (By pointing out mistakes) I've been wanting to rewrite my early chapters lately since I know how rough they are compared to my later chapters. Even my later chapters can be rough most of the time. I just don't know where to start, so I'm asking for...