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  1. Zinless

    When will a new series be posted? Can I write drafts for it first?

    I'm planning on writing another series but won't publish it until I finished my other series. (Which I'm not planning on finishing soon, I've only just started after all) Now, my questions : - Will the new series be public if I only write drafts? - If I accidentally publish one chapter will it...
  2. Zinless

    Help me rewrite my early chapters (By pointing out mistakes) I've been wanting to rewrite my early chapters lately since I know how rough they are compared to my later chapters. Even my later chapters can be rough most of the time. I just don't know where to start, so I'm asking for...
  3. Zinless

    Should a tag be added if it spoils the story?

    Let's say there's a story about a normal world. No magic, monsters, etc. The story is normal for the most part, focusing on drama and what not. And boom, at the ending, magic is involved. Should the story be tagged as "Magic"? Even though the magic is supposed to be secret? Note : This is...
  4. Zinless

    My first story, am i doing good? The first story i ever wrote. Is my grammar okay? Are there any redundant dialogue or sentences? Is it understandable? What should i do about [insert a problem you noticed here]? Any feedback is encouraged, thank you.
  5. Zinless

    Is there a plural for "Me"?

    I am writing a story where the main character has 2 perspectives/bodies. Thus, the need of a plural for whenever the main character refers to both of their bodies... It's hard to explain, but basically, i need an accepted plural for "Me" as in "Myself" Here's the story for anyone that is...