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  1. AKnightWithaKnife

    What's you guys take on this

    I’m pretty sure that won’t be allowed. If hardcore must is iffy in the legalities then this would be a no go
  2. AKnightWithaKnife

    Favorite Animal?

    My favorite anima is the elusive Female
  3. AKnightWithaKnife

    Does suffering build character?

    suffering for the sake of suffering isn’t character builder
  4. AKnightWithaKnife

    Your favorite card game?

    but solem is a DILF
  5. AKnightWithaKnife

    Your favorite card game?

    But sir BM needs to get support every new card pack. Ancient gears don’t need an actual engine
  6. AKnightWithaKnife

    Anyone using Grammarly for Windows (the new one)?

    dont use outside edditng software with windows. It messes shit up
  7. AKnightWithaKnife

    Your favorite card game?

    Hey sir eat my 5 hand traps! My core engine is only 7 cards !
  8. AKnightWithaKnife

    Writing How do you plan a very long series?

    Plan and arc. Then plan another
  9. AKnightWithaKnife

    Does anyone read long running cultivation stories?

    The longest I’ve ever fully read was 10k chapters. This took me 5 sites and 3 months to do.
  10. AKnightWithaKnife

    Magic is controlled by religious institutions

    You do realize most people couldn’t read very well into the 1800s? The Bible was mainly told verball.
  11. AKnightWithaKnife

    Magic is controlled by religious institutions

    well for a long time most people didn’t come across a book. In fact bibles weren’t common place until the late 1700s
  12. AKnightWithaKnife

    The genre 'gender bender'

    I kinda like GB when its actually is one. not when its a guy in a female suit.
  13. AKnightWithaKnife

    Magic is controlled by religious institutions

    here is kinda the issue if your fanytsy church is based of the catholic chruch then it wouldnt make sense for them to restrict magic. in the Catholic Church a priests job is to under stand the work of God and share with the masses. so if magic were real that would problay have a monastery who...
  14. AKnightWithaKnife

    Creating Unique Cultures

    Fun fact humans are the most inherently aggressive ape.
  15. AKnightWithaKnife

    How do you feel when you plot or incorporate those elements into your story?

    If im really being honest depictions of cruelty are rarely done right. especially if its and iskeai. a good example is SLAVE HARM ISKEAI where the main protag is a scumbag. is on this site and most people don't really like it not because of the tabbo but how okay its seems in the story. when...
  16. AKnightWithaKnife

    Tell not show

    the show not tell rule is mainly used to combat 1st person writing habits. You mainly use the show not tell for set up not for action or scenes of great importance. if your story only has one type of writing it may be hard to give your readers set patterns or expectations to follow in you story
  17. AKnightWithaKnife

    American school stuff

    Just don’t go to school in new York and cali. They have the most required days and it doesn’t show
  18. AKnightWithaKnife

    Harem or One Heroine?

    Never I will always find a way to put a catholic moral in my books!
  19. AKnightWithaKnife

    Harem or One Heroine?

    no harem in my Catholic book