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  1. Derin_Edala

    Proof of my humanity

    That sounds like run-of-the-mill trauma-induced alexithymia to me, but I'm no expert. Most people deal with their normal level of emotional connection fine but it can be disorienting and distressing to have it suddenly change on you, to expect to feel appropriate emotions and then not be able to...
  2. Derin_Edala

    Petition to remove “loli” tag from scribblehub

    Better safe than sorry. If they introduce a 'sexual content with minor' tag I'll avoid that one instead, but as is, this is what we have. I'll miss out on a hundred stories of schoolgirls innocently discussing homework or whatever in order to avoid one gross story fixated on describing a kid's...
  3. Derin_Edala

    Do I have to be like everyone else?

    If you have little experience, and haven't finished your previous works, then you have two things to consider. Which is going to appropriately stretch your skills and help you become a better writer? And which are you most likely to finish? The answer to your question is different for different...
  4. Derin_Edala

    Fighting scene? Full description or just "He smacked her"

    Depends. What's the point of the scene? And what are you best at writing?
  5. Derin_Edala

    Petition to remove “loli” tag from scribblehub

    I'm in favour of the tag. I find underage stuff absolutely disgusting and never want to see any of it. I appreciate having a warning so I don't stumble on it accidentally.
  6. Derin_Edala

    What is your favorite Cartoon of all time

    I'm a Gargoyles fan.
  7. Derin_Edala

    Killing POWs who just surrendered

    No one should be executed as POWs, morally. But that doesn't mean that your protagonist can't do it. It's a strong demonstration of his own morals and character.
  8. Derin_Edala

    Looking for a possible ghostwriter or someone who is interested in taking over my story [On Hold]

    How much are you looking to pay? That's the first question you'll have to answer to know whether you can get a reliable writer. If you're willing to pay market rates, you'll have no trouble at all finding a skilled and reliable writer who's able to provide evidence of their skills and work to...
  9. Derin_Edala

    Real names.

    My name is one of the most generic names in my culture, it's like calling somebody "Bob". I don't have strong feelings about it.
  10. Derin_Edala

    Recommendations A fantasy book or novel to read out and just test my voice

    You can read The Cursed Heart if you want to. Fantasy adventure/mystery with first person narration and a fairly strong voice so it's probably well suited to reading out loud.
  11. Derin_Edala

    Recommendations A mc who genuinely cares about others.

    The protagonist of The Cursed Heart makes most of his decisions based on how he thinks they'll impact his friends or family.
  12. Derin_Edala

    Are There Still Authors With Their Own Sites?

    I have my own site. It's where I publish primarily and where most of my readers are; I crosspost to places like scribblehub to reach new audiences, but most people read on my site.
  13. Derin_Edala

    What kind of fictional character are you?

    I'm the weird loner side character who lives in an off-grid cottage or van or something, and has a specific skill or bit of info that the protagonists need so I'm in like 3 chapters to design something for them and give weird fringe political rants that somehow relate to the emotional...
  14. Derin_Edala

    Is it OK to pierce a baby's ears?

    Circumcision is a lot worse because the effects are a lot more permanently damaging. Ear piercing has a very low death rate and the only permanent effect is some minimal scarring (assuming the kid doesn't keep the holes later), with a minor risk of more severe scarring in case of infection...
  15. Derin_Edala

    What is the best writing advice you’ve ever come across and take it to heart?

    The best piece of writing advice I've ever received was the first piece in a writing book whose name I've unfortunately forgotten. It said simply: Putting words on a page does not obligate anyone to read them. A lot of people come into this hobby carrying the lesson we were told all throughout...
  16. Derin_Edala

    Why do you write?

    I write because storytelling is the most human thing that it is possible to do.
  17. Derin_Edala

    Is it me or does everyone put on a song for the mood of the book

    I need silence to write, music is too distracting.
  18. Derin_Edala

    How do I write again?

    I find spite to be a great motivator. Read something mildly successful that's crap, and that you could write better. Then prove it.
  19. Derin_Edala

    What genres do you dislike?

    Litrpgs. They are so boring. All of them.