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  1. Teona

    Could use some feedback for my oneshot

    This is the link: Final Song
  2. Teona

    How to change username?

    How do you change your username in scribblehub? nvm, already found out lol
  3. Teona

    Feedback for my first work(^v^)

    This story of mine is pretty generic, so don't expect too much, just want to see your feedback
  4. Teona

    My first time writing a wn

    Hello everyone, Since this is my first time writing a webnovel, I tried to make it as generic and uncomplicated as possible, where I can just let my imagination run wild. The story is an isekai with OP protagonist(like I said, generic). Isekais are my favorite genre, that's why I chose this...
  5. Teona

    Dumb question:

    How do you use the glossary feature?
  6. Teona

    Is it alright to upload app made characters?

    So I downloaded this certain app that lets me create anime character avatars. But I don't know if its safe for me to use them as my novel character's pfp in the glossary section.
  7. Teona

    If you have some spare time, please read my work and give it feedbacks This is my first work, sorry for the mistakes that I didn't notice, please point them out for me, thanks!!