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  1. AKnightWithaKnife

    Any people who learned English as a second language here?

    I've noticed this very particular thing about native American English speakers. they don't know how to speak their own language right
  2. AKnightWithaKnife

    Oc vs Y/N

    I recently fell down the mha fanfic hole and it got me thinking. Y/n or insert your own character kinda suck ass with fan fiction. Especially in fandoms in which special powers are a thing. Anyone else had similar thoughts or contradictions ?
  3. AKnightWithaKnife

    Resolved Book won’t publish

    I just published a book yet the word count hasn’t updated only the chapter. It also isn’t even on latest novels too.
  4. AKnightWithaKnife

    Influx of webnovel novels

    Anyone noticed this ?
  5. AKnightWithaKnife

    Non tagged work

    I wonder does anyone get filled with rage when an author doesn’t tag their books?
  6. AKnightWithaKnife

    How to ruin an litrpg in 3 steps

    1. Make them sped based 2. Give them a healing skill 3. Make them half elf congrats you made a story with one sentence fight sences forced racism and a lot of harem!
  7. AKnightWithaKnife

    The hardest you’ve cringed rewriting an old work?

    I’m currently rewriting an old work with the skills I’ve learned from a summer course and I can’t help but cringe at some lines. that got me wondering if other authors feel this way!
  8. AKnightWithaKnife

    What is considered Non-human

    I’ve been seeing this more and more but who the hell thinks elfs, vampires , and fairy’s count as Non human leads ?
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    Sometimes I hate that I’m taking an honors course in English. One weird thing I realized is that the more smut= better grammar. What are you guys opinions?
  10. AKnightWithaKnife

    African Americans

    Don’t take this as racism but why do so many of them genralize Africa? Don’t they realize that the are different races even though our skin is the same? Also what’s the deal with them and slavery repercussions ? did they not learn of the slave trade in school ?
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    Im trying to center a table but it the cell won’t center with the rest of it
  12. AKnightWithaKnife

    Have you ever read a story where the author's fetish was super obvious/ detrimental to the story ?

    I really only see this in harem stories but girls love also has a lot of it
  13. AKnightWithaKnife

    Looking for female leads

    Please no genderbender or girls love thank you
  14. AKnightWithaKnife

    The amount of harem on this site

    Is it me or does this site have a LOT of harem like in other sites like Royal road or webnovel there isn’t as much of harem. Also can anyone explain all the Echhi and smut to me ?