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    Writing How can i 'start' and 'end' a chapter...?

    It's frustrating! So I have this step-by-step draft for every chapter Let say for chapter 1, this is how and what's going to happen.... yes, but bruh, I don't know how to start and make it to action!! for god's sake....!! Now I miraculously wrote my first chapter... But... SHORT! It...
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    Can i translate a novel without getting permission to the author?

    So I've found this interesting 'novel'... But unfortunately, it's from a Chinese site. I tried to search for the translated version. fortunately, it has. But only mtl and terrible. I want to fix the problem such as grammatical errors, but... Am I allowed to? -without contacting the author of...
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    Why do you think JP novel authors always write inconsistent beta-characters? Especially fantasies

    You know Jp novels always got a massive advantage when it comes to novels.... Yet despite that. despite the always NEW and INTERESTING PREMISE, COLORFUL ART, MASSIVE AUDIENCE.... These goddamnnnn for 🦆 sake authors Always try'na made the MC a LITERALLLLL BETA MC. Name it- Op but ignorant...