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  1. NobleTalon

    Needs more people to vote

    I started an interactive story last week, but we need more people to vote so I can fasten the release rate. Don't hesitate to check it out and join the discord if you want to contribute, (novel link in the signature) Thanks.
  2. NobleTalon

    Add a RSS feed at the end of each chapter

    Is it possible to add a little RSS icon at the end of each chapter to generate a valid RSS feed ? (the same as Royal Road) It used to work with the feeds from the reading list, but they suddenly stopped working a week ago. Tbh it's kinda annoying. Webnovel has a dedicated discord bot to post...
  3. NobleTalon

    Interactive Story (The readers decide of everything!)

    Hey guys, I recently started a new type of story with an interesting concept : an interactive story ! The idea is simple : after each chapter, a poll takes place and the readers vote for the next course of action. They decide on the MC's choices, and the story's progression is entirely...
  4. NobleTalon

    MCs OP from the start are boring

    Imagine the AAA+ RPG game you've been looking forward to for a long time has finally been released after years of development. You spend an hour downloading it with stars in your eyes, already anticipating this game you've waited for so long. You grab a beer, get some snacks and the moment the...
  5. NobleTalon

    Reading webnovels cause serious allergies, especially Chinese novels

    After years of reading webnovels, I'm now definitely allergic to Japanese MCs and Chinese names in cultivation novels. I suffer from severe amnesia whenever I attempt to recollect which character in which stage of cultivation has used which technique. Core Disciple Zhong Dong from the...
  6. NobleTalon

    Can you appreciate a story without identifying yourself to the MC ?

    Personally, I can't. That's probably why I can't read any BL, gender bender, or other genres that don't fit me. I also don't like reading stories with a female MC. It's not because the MC is female, but more because when I read a story I like to think about what I would have done if I were in...
  7. NobleTalon

    For those who use Patreon, be careful of this (obvious) loophole

    Hey guys, If you are using Patreon as a means for the readers to support your work and get access to premium chapters, don't forget to enable 'charge upfront billing' on your page. (page > edit page > getting paid > verify your account with phone number > enable charge upfront billing) I...
  8. NobleTalon

    10 reasons why Orks > all

    1. Orks stronk 2. Orks no need fancy weapons 3. Orks big muscles 4. Orks chief is more stronk than stronk Orks 5. Orks no fear 6. Orks eat humans for breakfast 7. Orks numerous 8. Orks believe, so it works 9. Orks can beat anything to death 10. Orks are green, so Orks kill u with ridiculous skin...
  9. NobleTalon

    Did you ever get spoiled by yourself while writing ?

    It might sound absurd, but did you ever feel that you just spoiled yourself while writing your story ? I was imagining and writing the storyline of my novel for the next 50 or so chapters, and I went so far that I started to be like "naaah I don't want to know what happens anymore" I had to...
  10. NobleTalon

    Need advices about the pace of my novel

    Hey guys, a reader sent me a pm on discord and asked me to shorten the chapters to make the story advance faster, while at the same time another reader told me to write longer chapters because he liked the story but he found it frustrating to 'not have enough materials to describe everything in...
  11. NobleTalon

    Forum game : let's make a story together !

    Hey guys, I just got an idea that could be fun to try, what if we make a story based on the comments everyone posted ? Instead of writing a full chapter, it might be fun to see how everyone can add his little touch to the story, and have a chapter written by ten or so people. Rules : Do...
  12. NobleTalon

    Poll : which writing software(s) are you using ?

    I am a notepad cultist but we are few so what about you guys ? I know a lot of authors like to use software with tons of options, but for me, this is clearly the opposite. When I write, I like to have nothing else on my screen except my text, a word count, and a chapters tab to save some time...
  13. NobleTalon

    How many chapters does your first 20,000 words take up?

    All in the title. I was curious to know how many chapters your first 20k words take up when you start writing a new novel. Mine takes 7 chapters, prologue and disclaimer for 19k words, I'm thinking about reducing the word count by about half in the next releases, so I can have more chapters in...
  14. NobleTalon

    I need reviews for my new novel !

    Hey guys, After getting tired of reading novels with beta mc, righteous & op hero or multi races harems I decided to write my own novel. English isn't my native language so I might do some grammar and spelling mistakes, but in the end I enjoy quite a lot writing especially since I can bend the...