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  1. Kuropon

    What is a good update schedule?

    Depends on how long the chapter is. I go with every other day when chapters are around 2k words and every 3 days if they are around 3k, so in short 1k words per day.
  2. Kuropon

    Passage of time in novels

    I always put in how many years went by on each timeskip :blob_neutral:
  3. Kuropon

    Passage of time in novels

    But on a serious note, yes it's easier to give a vague timelapse instead of keeping everything perfectly timed. Think its similar to things like giving a rating like F,E,D etc. to skills in LitRPG novels instead of hard numbers it gives you some breathing space.
  4. Kuropon

    Passage of time in novels

    Because I can, Lazy. :blob_hide:
  5. Kuropon

    How arrogant were you when you first came here

    I think that I'm far more arrogant now than before after having some success xD
  6. Kuropon

    Novel on esports, should I use real games or make my own games ?(Potentially RIPOFF real games)

    That's fine, I just like high-fantasy tropes vs the more grounded ones xD But I think a lot of those esport novels do take place in VR at least but dunno.
  7. Kuropon

    How to become a popular author?

    Write a LitRPG and put it on RR. :blob_happy:
  8. Kuropon

    Novel on esports, should I use real games or make my own games ?(Potentially RIPOFF real games)

    You could go full fantasy with it, have a 5v5 esports in VR where the players pilot giant mechs or something.
  9. Kuropon

    What did you base your litrpg system on?

    Vidya games.
  10. Kuropon

    Writing as a Job

    Already am, and the webnovel game is that great... It's like you have to constantly write or you will run out of chapers. There is never a finish like and you continuesly fear that if you end a story you might never get back your old patreon count. But on the other hand if you can casually pump...
  11. Kuropon

    Authors ruining their stories with terrible romance

    I think romance is just part of life, so even in a story about fighting it would be strange if your MC didn't show interest in it at all? I guess if you oversaturate the romance bit then you might have a problem but nothing wrong to add it to give your Characters a more realistic vibe?
  12. Kuropon

    Are villain/villainess novels becoming cliche?

    Isn't everything at this point? It's not about the setting just how you can spin it to make it interesting.
  13. Kuropon

    are authors actually Dumb?

  14. Kuropon

    why many authors drop their stories which is still in its beginning.

    It's quite easy to start a story, you mostly just do worldbuilding and don't have to worry that much about the story but as it drags on there comes a time when you have to do it. Some people can't get past that. But I haven't dropped a story yet, so wouldn't know, might have if I didn't have my...
  15. Kuropon

    Writing with Dyslexia?

    I do, I can't imagine writing without current grammar and spelling technology lol Seems to be working out for me XD
  16. Kuropon

    What is more important, plot or character?

    Going by my own experience I would say that characters are secondary to the main premise of the story. Look at how LitRPGs are popular and tell me that people read those for the strong characters. But I guess that depends on your genre, I think that depending on what you are writing it changes...
  17. Kuropon

    What is the most perfect scumbag you have known?

  18. Kuropon

    What is the most perfect scumbag you have known?

    Probably someone with a superiority complex that by default judges other people to be below him.
  19. Kuropon

    What do you think of “Show, don’t tell” rule?

    As someone that has been bombarder with 'Show don't tell' reviews and still has been fairly successful, I don't think much of it xD