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    [BL Visual Novel] Defying Heaven’s Will

    Congratulations on a job well done!!
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    Tag Dictionary/List

    I agree with this point!! I also think that there are some redundancies in the tags themselves... but that is another point. Having the tags explained, with the reasons for why they exist, and what they are used for seems very important! It is so easy to mis-tag.
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    Adding "Deaf Character" tag

    I am not saying that we should replace the mute character tag (with deaf character)... there are only six stories on Scribble Hub who have made use of it, and I am not gonna sift through hundreds of chapters to see if they used the right tag. But from what I researched, becoming physically mute...
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    The Various Ways to Handle Trigger Warnings...

    So I have been brainstorming the various ways to flag content that will be triggering or NSFW, b/c I feel it is an important service that authors need to give to their readers. But, I don't want the trigger/NSFW warning at the beginning of the chapter to act as a spoiler... I like some of my...
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    Adding "Deaf Character" tag

    Here is a post I found explaining the difference between deaf and mute. If you do take the time to read it, you will find that, in most cases, "deaf" is the more appropriate term. And calling a quiet person who doesn't speak out...
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    Adding "Deaf Character" tag

    There are tags for 'Disabilities', 'Blind Character', 'Mute Character', 'Quiet Character', 'Aloof Character', 'Sign Language', and 'Language Barrier'. How did we get all of those, and not "Deaf Character"? I am also under the impression that "mute" as a term is considered outdated because people...
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    The fine balance between plot and sex

    I don't think that is necessarily true. While I try to be conscious of my own writing, especially when dealing with sensitive issues, even though I am sure I get it right, I still have that anxiety that someone is gonna leave burning shit on my doorstep for one stupid thing I might write. The...
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    The fine balance between plot and sex

    @Assurbanipal_II I interpreted that quote completely differently... what I thought he meant is the site that he published his work on prioritized sex, and that he felt that his work was more story with sex included. I gather the reason he changed platforms is that he wanted his work to be...
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    The fine balance between plot and sex

    Tbh, I didn't read it. (sorry) het isn't my thing. I skimmed, and the writing seemed pretty coherent, but that is all I was gonna do. Because I disagree vehemently with the upstairs first few comments, who state that explicit sex doesn't have a place in serious literature. @Assurbanipal_II ? I...
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    Restricted Content on SH - Exploring the Age of Consent Boundary

    that's totally fine XD Don't strain yourself!
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    Restricted Content on SH - Exploring the Age of Consent Boundary

    :s_eek: Umm. Child pornography. Yeah, no. I'm definitely not going that far. But since the scene is portrayed through the eyes of another young character, who doesn't know what is going on . . . um. I have to describe them looking at things to a certain extent before the character understands...
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    Restricted Content on SH - Exploring the Age of Consent Boundary

    Erm. Yeah I just hastily posted this thread out of worry. If you know where the other threads are hanging, I'd appreciate being directed to them.
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    Restricted Content on SH - Exploring the Age of Consent Boundary

    So I've been pretty confident, writing my story, that all the NSFW scenes in my book are consensual and above age . . . until today. When I remembered about a particular flashback scene sitting in my outline. That is INTEGRAL to a certain character's development. Um. Basically (underage)...
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    Writing Writing Guide Part I: How To Publish Your Own Story

    About the image size thing, I made the ratio of my cover to conform, but the size is bigger. I noticed that the picture is still low-rez, even though it is within the file-size limit (barely). Will resizing the pixels down to 250/350 help, or is my cover doomed to be slightly blurry?
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    What Gets You To Favorite A Chapter?

    Unfortunately, I treat it like a bookmark, especially if authors post comments and spoilers and things that I want to return to later. Idk. I wish we had more options as readers, where we could "earmark" pages personally, aside from liking it. Because I want to give the authors here some love...
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    Writing What role do you prefer a male MC to have in bed? (NSFW)

    I like to switch moment to moment, zooming in on whoever is receiving the most pleasure, or another strong emotion. The joys of omniscient narration are real~ Um. Edit. This was a difficult one for me, because I write M/M! XD
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    I'm having trouble building the character of the MC, can anyone help?

    I find character building to be the most enjoyable aspect of writing. For me, I have a rough idea of who the chara is, or who I want them to be, and then what they are going to do in my story. What is their role? Treat your characters as people, and if you imagine them like your child, you can...
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    A Teaser Profile Set of My Two MCs

    That is a good question, and one I would like answered as well! Hopefully, someone else will comment. I appreciate that you like my art!
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    Awww thank you!! Look out for my BL web-novel in a month or two. I posted a teaser in forums~

    Awww thank you!! Look out for my BL web-novel in a month or two. I posted a teaser in forums~
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    Ehehe! You got me! Thank you! <3

    Ehehe! You got me! Thank you! <3