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  1. Macha

    Mellohwa Worship Thread

    Happy birthday to me?
  2. Macha

    Isekai that You Think Would've Been Better Without the Transmigration Part?

    I saw this comment on one of the posts where someone mentioned how a particular Isekai would've been better without the reincarnation part and this really got my brain, which is usually inactive, working for once. So a big thanks to the person who talked about this. Anyways, there are some...
  3. Macha

    How Do You Cope with Bad Days?

    What makes you feel better after a tough day or week? To whom do you talk to when you can't burden a friend? Do you hug a wall, punch a kitten, call 911, or dream of nuking Israel?
  4. Macha

    I Think I Understand Why Authors Kills Their MCs in the End

    Consider the authors who toil for months, if not years, to craft a good novel. And when they make the character die in the end, a slew of various emotions wash over them. They experience sadness, nostalgia, regret, acceptance, happiness, and finally pride... in the character they created...
  5. Macha

    Recommendations Time Travel Stories

    MC is betrayed by her family, returns to the past, kills her past self to replace her, and starts plotting revenge while pretending to act nice towards her betrayers.
  6. Macha

    You Are What You Eat

    How many of us are tuly human?
  7. Macha

    What if your favourite character get isekaied into your body?

    What if your favourite character get isekaied into your body? I read "Rewriting the Villainess," and the reverse isekai idea appealed to me. So I thought to myself, what if our favourite characters are isekaied as us? I can't stop giggling since I'm imagining Ellenia isekaing as me.
  8. Macha

    Recommendations Deaged MC

    MC suddenly become a kid. They retained his adult mind but acted like a kid to mess with everyone. People liked them better as a kid so they didn't try to solve the situation.
  9. Macha

    Recommendations Good Stepmother

    A wicked stepmother suddenly become a doting one. The stepchild know something is wrong and found out she is an impostor but did nothing about it because they liked the impostor better than the original even if said impostor is a dangerous otherworlder (read: Truck-kun's victim) or a man-eating...
  10. Macha

    Why do characters get Isekaid?

    An associate of mine came up with an idea after re-reading several personal favorites as to why the protagonists get Isekaid into fantastical worlds in the first place. The characters do not actually perish after being hit by Truck-kun and his ilk. Aside from a few outliers, the people go into...
  11. Macha

    Recommendations Revenge Isekai

    The MC is a Hero who returned from defeating the Demon Lord only to find his love interest was accused of crimes she didn't commit and was executed as a Villainess when he was away. The Hero revived the Villainess, but the resurrection isn't perfect and the Villainess now have amnesia. The...
  12. Macha

    Recommendations Nun MC

    MC is an exiled villainess sent to a monastery as punishment but enjoyed it instead.
  13. Macha

    Recommendations Fake Tsundere

    Gimme a story with fake tsundere plz. Something like this: >The ML & FL are engaged/married >The FL hated the ML and doesn't hide it. >The ML think the FL is a tsundere. > The ML has seizure when the FL asked for a divorce.
  14. Macha

    Would you actually want to be isekai'd yourself?

    Personally, I do sometimes. Life sucks. I'm a plain person, working a normal office job, living alone, single, and definitely not rich. I meet the typical requirements but I don't wanna see truck-kun lmao. What about you guys, given the chance?